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2021 recap | Tamara Merri Photography

Updated: Jan 7

Happy New Year!

The long year of 2021 is over holy moly I AM SO BLESSED to be able to witness, capture, and share so many beautiful stories!!!

My 2021 wedding season was one of the most beautiful (but tiring) years of my career. I am so, so grateful to all my couples and families who have either hired me, supported me, referred me, or just you reading this and following along!

Some number fun for this year:

I photographed 114 sessions!

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind.

Some other silly stats:

  • 14,898 miles driven for sessions

  • 16 times I stopped at Chick-fil-A after a session (at least these are the receipts I recorded for taxes lol. If you follow me on instagram you know this is my guilty pleasure!)

  • 365 days in front of my computer editing.... lol *cries*

One photo from every session in 2021:

Below is one photo from every session I photographed this year!!! It's so amazing to look back on and was incredibly difficult to choose just one photo - there are so many I love. And I realized wow I should really share more photos more often and I have a tonnnn of blogs to write this off season! I've written a few blogs this year, which I'll link below the photo(s) in case you want to see more from their session.

If you want to see all the photos in hyper speed, I made a 2021 recap reel on instagram featuring *almost* all the photos. They're the same photos that are below, but there's more featured here! These aren't in chronological order. I don't have enough patience to organize 100+ photos lol.

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