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Aquinnah Cliffs Elopement on Martha's Vineyard | Veronica & Erik

Veronica & Erik shared their vows on one of the mosts beautiful (and windy!) fall days on Martha's Vineyard. Martha's Vineyard is an island just south of Cape Cod that you can travel to in under and hour aboard the Wood's Hole ferry.

So backing up a little... Veronica and I actually met on bumble BFF lol. From the jump her personality drew me in - as it does to legit everyone who meets her. She has this incredibly way of making you feel like you've been friends forever even though it's the first time you've talked. We ended up joining the same book club and then became fast friends. So when she asked me to be her wedding photographer I was soooo game.

Her and Erik had planned a wedding for 2022. The venue was booked, details were planned. This past June their plans got derailed and they decided the only thing that mattered was that they marry each other - party be damned.Which is amazing, because you know what - THERE ARE NO RULES!!! Do whatever your heart feels.

So they landed on saying their vows just the two of them in the same spot they got engaged- Gay Head Lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard elopement vendors:

Martha's Vineyard Elopement Plan

We started their elopement day in their hotel room at Mansion house in Vineyard Haven where they helped each other get ready. This part of the day is quickly becoming my favorite part of elopements. I did this for my own wedding too - helped my husband get ready. It's SO special being able to spend all day together and go through this process rather than wait to see each other like tradition suggests.

bride helping groom with his tie on the morning of their elopement

bride and groom get ready together on elopement day

Once they were ready to go we took our time driving from Vineyard Haven to Aquinnah, stopping anywhere that they wanted to explore or looked pretty to take photos. We went to random fields, Vineyard Haven Club, West Chop Beach, and even Kings Barber Shop that Erik went to that morning!!! Veronica wanted to stop in and thank them that they made her hubby look so good hahahaah I died.

wedding at vineyard haven club dock
candid photo of couple walking during elopement in black and white with a lot of cloud definition

wedding photo in field on marthas vineyard

wedding couple standing in tall grass at vineyard haven club


wedding couple posing on rocks near water in martha's vineyard

black and white wedding photo on martha's vineyard

wedding couple stopped at barber shop on the way to their ceremony to thank the barber

wedding couple at barber shop

elopement photo aquinnah cliffs beach trail

Eventually we ended up at Aquinnah Cliffs to prepare for their ceremony. Since they eloped just the two of them, they had time to really relax and take the day in. We did whatever they wanted and I just captured them having fun and enjoying the day. When we made our way to the Aquinnah Cliffs Overlook / Gay Head Lighthouse it was SO windy!!! The photos below of them just goofing off and having fun with the wind are some of my favorites from the whole day.

aquinnah cliffs overlook trail

aquinnah cliffs on Martha's Vineyard as seen from the overlook

couple dancing at their wedding at aquinnah cliffs overlook

black and white wedding photo showing how strong the wind was during their elopement at Gay Head lighthouse

couple goofing around at gay head lighthouse

windy elopement at gay head lighthouse

intimate wedding portrait


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couple posing in front of gay head lighthouse for their elopement on martha's vineyard

top down angle of couple sitting in their wedding attire

Their ceremony was officiated by Natalie from My Vineyard Elopement and was so heartfelt. Although they planned to elope just the two of them, they made friends with a bartender the night before and invited her to come along!! (remember what I said about her making friends easily? lol) So she came with her family and recorded their ceremony on her phone. Immediately after their ceremony they shared a first dance and some champagne.

elopement ceremony in front of gay head lighthouse

bride walking towards groom for elopement in black and white

couple holding hands saying vows for elopement on martha's vineyard with the gay head lighthouse in the background

intimate moment during elopement ceremony where groom wipes tears from bride's face

couple hugging after sharing vows

bride showing her groom her new wedding band excitedly

bride and groom just after ring exchange where bride shows videographer her left hand and new ring sticking her tongue out

close up photo of hands and champagne glasses to see groom's wedding band

After their ceremony we went down to Aquinnah Beach where we goofed off and took photos until the last ray of light slipped below the horizon. Access to the dramatic Aquinnah Cliffs were actually closed to the public (not sure if because of erosion or because of the 'vid) so we stayed a little further away on just the public beach. After the sun set we went our separate ways but Erik & Veronica had dinner at the Atlantic in Edgartown then enjoyed a small cake back in their hotel room to end the celebration of their wedding day.

couple spraying champagne on beach at aquinnah cliffs

bride chugging champagne on beach with aquinnah cliffs in the background

bride and groom kissing during elopement with the orange sand from aquinnah cliffs in background

elopement at aquinnah cliffs on martha's vineyard

elopement on beach with aquinnah cliffs on martha's vineyard

black and white candid photo couple running on beach

bride walking along the beach at Aquinnah cliffs

footsteps in focus with bride and groom out of focus in distance after they've walked on the beach away from the camera.
sunset on martha's vineyard as seen from Moshup Beach

Google Review from the Groom:

Although I had been friends with Veronica for a little while, their elopement day was the first time I had met Erik. I knew from Veronica that he didn't like getting his picture taken and was a little weary about spending all day with me and my camera. So when his review came through (see below) I legitimately cried haha. This one line means everything: "You legitimately forget that you’re taking photos and you can just live in and enjoy every bit of the moment you’re getting to have". This is the goal folks!!! All -day coverage on your elopement doesn't mean it's an all day photoshoot. I'm just capturing your day for you while you're living your life. WHEN I TELL YOU..... TEARS!!! Ugh, so lovely. Thank you Erik!!

So the first and a very important part of all of this for me anyway is that I normally hate taking photos regardless of the situation. My wife and I eloped this year and Tammy and my wife had become friends last year but I had still yet to meet her. The first time was the day we got married and from the second that she showed up to our hotel the energy she gives off is so warm and welcoming that it felt as though we had been friends for years and we had already seen each other many times before. She was so professional about the entire experience but the way that she goes about everything makes it so easy and comfortable that you legitimately forget that you’re taking photos and you can just live in and enjoy every bit of the moment you’re getting to have. There was never a single point where it felt forced and or uncomfortable and because of that she was able to get so many amazing photos of my wife and I just enjoying each other’s presence that I know normally would have never even happened just because of my own anxiousness. When my wife and I received our photos we were both so incredibly happy with them not just because she did an amazing job editing and making every detail perfect but also because of the moments that she captured for us. There were so many things I didn’t even expect to see from that day that when we got all the photos I really felt as though I got to go back and relieve every second of our special day. I’ve had many friends and family talk about their photographers and there experiences some good some okay some bad but I honestly don’t know if I’ve heard someone ever say that they had a great experience one way or the other. But I can honestly say that there was not a single point in the whole experience where I was not thrilled. I would absolutely recommend Tammy to anyone for any photography needs because not only will you enjoy the time that you’re having taking them but you’ll also be able to relive those memories forever.
- Erik

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