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The Berkshires Elopement | Mount Greylock

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Justin and Becca celebrated their elopement on the summit of Mount Greylock. Mount Greylock is a 3,489-foot mountain, the highest point in Massachusetts, located in the northwest corner of the Berkshires. It's also a stop along the Appalachian Trail! Their wedding was on one of the most beautiful summer days this year. If you live in New England, you know that this summer (2021) has been incredibly rainy. In fact, the week of Becca and Justin's elopement it rained almost everyday. But then the day of their wedding it was dry and perfect!!

bride and groom pose between trees with mountains in the distance

When I asked them why they chose Mount Greylock, they shared that a mountain top was the perfect place for an intimate and adventure wedding but was local enough for a weekend getaway with their family. See, a benefit of choosing Mount Greylock for your elopement is you can drive up and park at the top! This made it super easy for all of Justin and Becca's family to join them for the celebration. There are still lots of hiking trails to explore though if you like adventure.

appalachian trail map in the bascom lodge

Their ceremony was on the grassy field behind the War Memorial, with the town of Adams and neighboring mountains in the distance. Their reception was conveniently in the enclosed porch of the Bascom Lodge, also on the summit of Mount Greylock.

bride turning over shoulder to smile at camera with florals over arm

groom portrait

I met Becca and her parents outside the Lodge before the wedding, where other adventurers passing by were in awe of how gorgeous she was. The little boys you see below told her that they loved her hahaha. So adorable. We took some photos while we were waiting for her guests to leave the shuttle and find the proper space on the lawn for the ceremony.

bride standing in front of bascom lodge talking to other hikers

bride posing with parents outside of bascom lodge

bride wiping mom's tears before wedding ceremony

mom fixing bride's dress before wedding

bride posing in front of the bascom lodge on mount greylock

Once all of their guests were in the ceremony spot, both Becca's mom and dad walked her "down the aisle" along the sidewalk to meet Justin. The people you see in the background in the photo below are other people visiting Mount Greylock as their ceremony spot wasn't private. For the most part people were respectful and moved out of the way.

parents walking bride down the aisle for elopement on mount greylock

bride greeting groom for elopement ceremony

elopement ceremony on mount greylock

wedding ceremony with war memorial in the background on mount greylock

During their ceremony they each read vows they prepared for each other, invoking both laughter and tears from everyone present - me included! You can tell how much love they have for one another through the stories they recounted. Before their day, I asked them if they could pinpoint when they realized they loved each other. Justin admitted that it was about a week after they first met, that he knew he was in love as soon as he got to really know her. For Becca it took a little longer; about 3 years of friendship. She said that during their friendship she was always drawn to him and always had the best time when he was around. But once she saw him as more than friend, she instantly knew I loved him. Talk about a movie moment?!

groom crying during vows

parent reaction during wedding ceremony

bride laughing during wedding ceremony

bride and groom first kiss during ceremony on mount greylock

bride and groom hug after ceremony

The photo above is one of my favorites from their whole day. This was a quick moment right after their first kiss as husband and wife. The sheer joy on Becca's face and peace on Justin's says so much. After their ceremony we took some family photos before leaving to go on a little hike through the trails at the summit so they could have time to celebrate just the two of them and get some adventure photos!

couple overlooking scenary on mount greylock with backs to camera

family photo after wedding

family photo after ceremony

candid photo of mom looking at groom's ring after ceremony

elopement photo in the woods

couple's wedding portrait looking at the camera

candid photo of girl walking through parking lot in wedding dress

couple kissing on stone wall on mount greylock with trees and mountains in background

This spot is one of my favorite areas we adventured to on Mount Greylock. If I didn't share a picture of a parking lot right before this one, would you even know they were on the edge of a parking lot?! When I parked earlier that day for the ceremony I saw the view from my car and knew they'd love the more mountainous background. So I asked if they wanted to climb up onto the stone wall for some portraits and I'm SO glad they were up for it because this is a framer for sure!

adventure elopement photo of couple on mount greylock in the berkshires in western massachusetts


adventure elopement photo of couple looking out at view on mount greylock in the berkshires in western massachusetts

candid photo of couple walking through parking lot

wedding photo on mount greylock with war memorial

wedding photo on steps of war memorial on mount greylock

The War Memorial had closed shortly after their ceremony so we weren't able to go up the stairs for any photos, but I still love how modern and chic the stair photos look!

candid photo of couple celebrating their elopement on mount greylock

"WE'RE MARRIEEEDDD!!!!!" - Becca and Justin to all of The Berkshires

couple hiking mount greylock on their elopement day

couple sitting on mountainside during elopement

The little buildings you can see in the distance is the town of Adams, MA!

wedding couple posing with mount greylock summit sign


groom dipping bride in front of bascom lodge at mount greylock

cute close up candid photo of groom kissing bride on side of head

wedding entrance at bascom lodge

wedding reception at bascom lodge on mount greylock

After their family gave them a warm welcome into the reception our time together ended. I adore these two and know they're going to have the sweetest marriage. I'm so grateful I was included to photograph this part in their love story.

If you're interested in eloping at Mount Greylock, here are some FAQ you might be wondering!

  • Is there lodging at Mount Greylock? Yes! You can reserve a room at the Bascom Lodge, camp at the base of the mountain, or camp in the park.

  • Are there other views than just the summit? Yes! One pretty lookout at Stony Ledge. Here is a Mount Greylock trail map

  • Do you need a permit to get married at Mount Greylock? Yes! Reach out to the state park supervisor. Then once the permit is granted contact the Bascom Lodge if you wish to have your reception there.

  • Are dogs allowed! Yes! But they have to be on leash

  • Are drones allowed? Unfortunately not

  • How much is parking? MA resident vehicle is $5. Non-MA resident is $20

If you're interested in eloping in the Berkshires, some mountains to consider in the area are: Mount Greylock, Monument Mountain, Saddle Ball Mountain, Berlin Mountain, and Mount Williams. Other mountain ranges in New England: Catskill Mountains, Pocono Mountains, Adirondack Mountains, Taconic Mountains, White Mountains

Special shout out to their amazing vendor team which brought the day to life:

Reception Venue: Bascom Lodge

Officiant: Laurie Lucier

Hair & Makeup Artist: The Clip Shop in Williamstown

Are you interested in having me photograph your wedding celebration at the Bascom Lodge or Mount Greylock? Inquire with me by completing the below form to see if I am available on your wedding day!


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