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What is an Adventure Elopement? | Massachusetts Elopement Photographer

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

In this blog we'll dive in to what an adventure elopement is, how to choose an adventure elopement location, potential adventure elopement locations, the photos you can expect to receive, and more information about how to book your adventure experience.

What is an adventure elopement?

An adventure elopement is a smaller wedding ceremony somewhere that incorporates adventure and the outdoors. An adventure elopement can be just the couple or they can bring along some guests (usually less than 40) to do something exciting and more of an experience like: hiking, rock climbing, jumping out of a plane, white water rafting, or just walking/biking along a trail in your favorite park!

Who is an adventure elopement for?

An adventure session is perfect for you if you share a love for the outdoors and want kick ass photos of you and your partner in an epic location. An adventure elopement is a great idea for couples who feel their most happy outdoors and want to create a wedding day that is one-of-a-kind and completely about them. Rather than have the entire day be focused around the wedding, for an adventure elopement the entire focus is around doing your favorite things and having an adventure, during which, you get married. You should hire an adventure elopement photographer if you value wedding photography and want to document the best day ever to share your legacy.

Couples who choose to have an adventure elopement prefer:

intimacy > being in the spotlight

peaceful > stressful planning

experiences > things

quality time > big party

intension > tradition

How long does an adventure elopement last?

From a photography standpoint, your adventure can last one hour two multiple days!! You may think that you don't need as much photography coverage for an elopement as a traditional wedding, but that's not true. The day you elope is still your wedding day, is still super special, and photos from the day will still be so valued.

So what determines the time frame for photography? Well, how big of an adventure are you going on? Do you want to hike several hours up a mountain to say vows on the summit? Or do you prefer a short, accessible elopement on the coast? Are you planning to adventure for your vows, but then have a ceremony with your family afterwards, or will it only be the two of you? Do you want other elements besides the adventure photographed, like getting ready, a cute picnic, dancing under the stars, or anything else? To see a sample timeline of what YOUR Massachusetts elopement could look like, click below:

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How to choose your adventure location:

  1. First, choose a region. Do you want to stay in the north east? Do you want to stay in America? Do you want to stay on Earth? (kidding- although that could be a real question in 20 years).

  2. If you plan to hike for your adventure elopement, choose a hike that is suitable for your fitness level. If you're dying to take photos at the top of Mount Washington, but you haven't worked out in a year, that probably won't be the right adventure for your day. Or, if your day is far enough out, you can train hard and make that adventure happen! If you're including guests, make sure to take their fitness level into account as well if they'll be joining in on the adventure.

  3. Choose a location you actually want photos in & right time of year. If you want photos in a light and breezy dress, the middle of the winter isn't going to work. If you're dying for epic photos with mountains in the background, hiking to the top of the tallest mountain won't accommodate that. If you want desert, boho vibes, you'll need to leave Massachusetts. Don't compromise what you want. If you have a specific vision, bring that most beautiful day to life.

  4. If you don't even know where to start, and need help discovering an adventure elopement location in Massachusetts, please reach out to me to help!

Potential adventure elopement locations in New England:

1. Top 10 Mountain Adventure Elopement Locations in New Hampshire

2. Top 10 Waterfall Adventure Elopement Locations in New England

3. Top 5 Massachusetts Elopement Locations with a View

Elopement Inspiration:

1. Monahans Sandhills

2. Craft Brewery Themed Elopement

3. Mount Willard Elopement

The photo experience during your adventure session:

An adventure elopement isn't a photoshoot. It is a day of enjoying an outdoor experience in the location of your dreams, marrying your person, while I just so happen to be tagging along to get amazing photos of you in this wild location. While you can expect some traditional photos like some formal smiley photos for grandma, a ton of your photos will be you being authentically you enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.

“Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” - John Muir

Not getting married quite yet, but you still want adventurous photos? Book an adventure session!

Adventure Session FAQ

What is an adventure session?

An adventure session is perfect for couples who share a love for the outdoors, need engagement photos, if you're planning to propose (!!), or if you just want some kick ass photos of you and your partner in an epic location. This could also be a great teaser day to see if you'd want to do an adventure elopement! We can going to hike, be joyful, drink some champagne, and marvel at this wonderful Earth while snapping some epic photos.

Will I be physically able to do the hike?

Maybe. Only you can say for yourself whether how strenuous of a hike you are prepared for. Please choose a hike/trail that is suitable for your fitness level. However, it would be wise to make an effort to increase your cardiovascular fitness ahead of time to make it easier on yourself and the whole group.

What do I wear?

I recommend wearing a flowy dress. Something that moves with the wind! Bonus if it is easy to change into! Bring flats or go barefoot.  Check out this Style Guide

For hiking, wear appropriate hiking clothing such as: breathable hiking shirt & pants to avoid bug bites & scrapes, well-soled, durable shoes. Make sure to be prepared for any weather changes so bring a jacket, extra socks, and a rain poncho.

Do I hike in my outfit I'm going to take pictures in? 

This is not recommended as I'd hate it if your outfit to get ruined along the route. However, if you want photos along the route you can do a quick change, or embrace your hiking clothes!

Do I need to bring anything? 

Please plan ahead and be prepared for any changing weather. I recommend bringing a headlamp, water, jacket, extra pair of socks, hiking shoes, bug spray, sunscreen, sunglasses, your outfit for your photos, and props, compact mirror & makeup/brush for touchups.

How much water do I need to bring/drink?

 Aim to get 1 liter of water in your system every hour on hot, humid days or when hiking at higher altitudes. Click here for a full guide. 

I'm awkward in photos. Will you help us pose? 

YES!  Of course! That's part of my job. I will guide you into a pose but then encourage you to make the pose your own- get comfortable, be yourself, and have fun! I like to use prompts to create motion and emotion in the photos. We will get an assortment of fun, romantic, and playful photos. 

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