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Singing Beach Elopement | Wendy & Young

Welcome to the blog post for some of my favorite elopement photos EVER!!! It's hard for me to even begin writing because all I want to do is be like here... just look at the photos haha.

singing beach north shore elopement manchester-by-the-sea

Let's start with how I met Wendy and Young! They emailed me TWO WEEKS before they wanted to get married, and totally pulled it off!! They had been engaged for almost a year and intended to elope at the end of 2020 but kept putting it off. They finally decided to pull the trigger in August 2021 as they were moving in together and wanted to be officially man and wife before then.

Ordinarily I like to try to assist with planning an elopement day when I can, but Wendy had it on lock! She chose the most perfect secluded area for their ceremony on the rocky shoreline of Gloucester, MA and then we made our way to Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea for a picnic on the beach to enjoy the setting sun. It's basically what North Shore elopements are made of!

I've included some of their story and details of the day throughout the photos below. I hope you enjoy the photo story of their day as much as I enjoyed photographing it!! If you want to skip to specific parts of the day, use the table of contents links below:

doing wedding makeup in the review mirror in the car

couple getting into their wedding attire outside on either side of the car

I met up with them in the small parking lot at the Rafes Chasm trailhead. Wendy finished up her makeup in the review mirror before they each got ready on opposite sides of the car. I'm literally obsessed with these photos because of how unique these wedding images are. They didn't have a first look as Young had to eventually make his way to her side of the car to help her button up her dress. Getting ready together really is such a magical thing to share on your wedding day - my husband and I also helped each other get ready on the day we shared our private vows!

groom helping bride with the buttons on her wedding dress

close up photo of hands doing wedding dress in black and white

groom tying his tie using his reflection in the car window

grooms boutonnière being pinned on

The stunning flowers were designed by Rococo Floral Co out of Somerville, MA.

bridal bouquet from Rococo Floral Co

After they got dressed and checked themselves out in the reflection of the car windows (lol) we made our way along the short, easy trail to head towards the rocky coastline to choose the perfect spot for their ceremony. I really love the spot they chose because walking through the woods added a nice variety in the day and photos (and some shade from the sun momentarily!)

bride and groom hiking along trail at rafes chasm trailhead to get search for their elopement location

bride and groom hiking along trail at rafes chasm trailhead to get search for their elopement location

bride and groom facing each other posing for a photo amongst the tall trees along the trail at Rafes Chasm

One of the most important aspects for Wendy and Young was to have a private area for their ceremony. So after we made our way to the coast, we explored a bit to find the absolute perfect spot for them to say their "I do"s. I really love how intentional and meaningful it was for them. Wendy scrambled over some pretty craggy areas like an absolute pro in her dress and heels!! And hey it made for some great photo ops!

bride and groom at rafes chasm to get search for their elopement location

rafes chasm orange rocks

The weather on their day was so beautiful - it was a bluebird day with not a single cloud in the sky. The clear blue sky provided a striking contrast against the orange rock at Rafes Chasm. But while the sunshine provided the gorgeous colors, it also gave no reprieve for the scorching heat. It was an absolute scorcher of a day, pushing almost 100!! So once we got to the beach later on it was perfect for them to dip their toes in and try to cool down. Their day was very intimate, just the two of them, their pastor friend Danny, and me!

black and white photo at rafes chasm amidst the rocky landscape

black and white photo of couple standing separately on rock facing away from the camera with ocean in background
"which way should we go?"

rafes chasm rocks on the coast

elopement at rafes chasm in gloucester, MA

elopement ceremony

bride saying vows while groom wipes a tear

ring exchange during elopement wedding ceremony

groom saying vows

first kiss during elopement

bride and groom celebrating after elopement ceremony

The area we ended up at was private in terms that no one could hear their officiant or their personal vows (including me) but there were a few people enjoying the sunshine like 100 yards away. After their first kiss they all clapped which added an element of excitement haha.

groom looking at his ring after wedding ceremony

Their officiant, Danny, walking away after the ceremony.

vow books

After their ceremony we took some more portraits and they enjoyed the scenery. I'm in love with the light in the photos below, that golden light on Wend'y's hair.... chefs kiss!

bridal portrait during elopement with orange rocks

bridal portrait golden hour

traditional wedding portrait of bride and groom

rafes chasm elopement in gloucester, MA

rafes chasm elopement wedding

gloucester, MA elopement on the coast

Rafes Chasm elopement couple scrambling on orange rocks along the coast of Gloucester

golden hour elopement black and white

couple on trail at Rafes Chasm

MAN THOSE LUSH GREENS MAKE MY HEART HAPPY! After a little more exploring we made our way to Manchester-by-the-Sea to Singing Beach for sunset. When we got there, Let's Picnic Boston had set up THE MOST BEAUTIFUL picnic set up I've ever seen with my own two eyes! It was stunning and the perfect spot for Wendy and Young to take a breather, enjoy the charcuterie board, and cut their cake! Just because you elope doesn't mean you can't still enjoy some wedding traditions like cutting your cake... and also a first dance!

Let's Picnic Boston picnic on the beach for elopement

elopement at singing beach in manchester-by-the-sea in Massachusetts

After the picnic Wendy and Young shared a super sweet dance together which are some of my favorite phots from their whole day; their connection, the absolutely stunning landscape of Singing Beach as the backdrop. It doesn't even look like we're on the east coast! That's actually something that really drew Wendy to the area. They said they originally wanted to elope in the PWN, so I'm so glad we could bring some semblance of that to their elopement in Massachusetts.

black and white photo couple dancing on the beach during elopement

couple running out of the water at the beach during their elopement day

couple running along the beach hand in hand during sunset

elopement at singing beach couple dipping their toes in the water

bride at singing beach

groom at singing beach

elopement at singing beach

couple embracing each other looking at the camera smiling during their elopement at singing beach

couple holds fingers loosely to show off their wedding rings

Did you know that there are specific times of the day that are more favorable than others for photos? My absolute favorite time to shoot is towards the end of golden hour when it bleeds into blue hour. The light is so soft and romantic and is photos are gorgeous from every angle. It allows me to be a little more free in positioning... and when there's less elements to consider, the more fun is had! I'm so grateful Wendy took my advice into consideration when making the timeline for her day so that we could enjoy the day right up until the last rays of the day. The photo below was the last we took on their day. Can you spot the little crescent moon between their heads? Love!

black and white photo of a couple looking at each other with the moon between their heads in the distance

I absolutely adored spending the day with these kind souls and am so, so honored they trusted me to photograph their elopement day!! Photographing elopements always hits a little different because I know literally no one else was there to experience the day, so these photos are the only way for their family and friends to see!! Wendy was so kind to share a review of their experience with me, and I want to share it with you:

We loved working with Tammy and we are so happy with our elopement photos! We planned last minute, and Tammy was very responsive, helpful with timeline tips, and ready to roll. Best of all, she was as excited as we were about all of it-- Tammy has the best energy and she will hype you up through the day, and make you feel like one of her good friends, which makes it so much more comfortable to be in front of the camera. She has a good balance of giving just enough direction for us not to look awkward, but gave us a lot of room to just be ourselves and have our own moments, which she captured beautifully. We loved being able to share the photos with our friends and family who weren't able to be present that day -- Everyone thought they looked so magical! We can't wait to look back on these timeless photos years from now.
- Wendy

If you're interested in reading more reviews, you can do so on my Google Business profile here. And if you're interested in chatting to have me photograph YOUR elopement, then say haaaay and fill out the form below!



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pinterest cover for picnic at elopement


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