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How to tell your wedding guests that you eloped instead

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

So you already planned (and invited) guests to your wedding. But - now you don't want a big wedding. You'd rather elope just to two of you.

Whether it's because of stress, finances, personal preference, or COVID-19, here are some ways you can tell your guests that you're actually going to elope instead.

1. Send them an un-invitation

Consider sending a cute un-invite via snail mail beforehand. Let them know how important they are to you, but you prioritized what was best for your relationship (and marriage). You could write personalized notes from the heart, or send the same cute lighthearted message to everyone.

  • example 1: roses are red, violets are blue, COVID ruined our wedding, oh... and you're uninvited too.

  • example 2: Wedding planning is so 2019. We decided to elope!

  • example 3: Who has two thumbs and already got married. THIS GUY! (sorry)

  • example 4: It's not you, it's me.

  • example 5: Congratulations! You now have a free day on [enter wedding day here]

2. Send them a "we eloped!" announcement

While elopements have come a long way from being a secret or surprise - it can still be exciting to elope in secret and let everyone know afterwards. If it hasn't been leaked to social media, you could surprise everyone with a "We Eloped!" card via snail mail featuring a photo from your day.

3. Re-invite them to an after party

Whether you host an online or in person party, you could lessen the blow of the bad news that they're uninvited to your wedding, but inviting them to a more casual celebration. You could include details for it on your "we eloped" announcement. Make sure that you have photos and stories at the ready to share!

  • You weren't there for when we said "I do", but we want to party with you!

4. Live Stream your elopement

If you want people to be involved in your elopement, just not in person, consider inviting everyone to an online meeting whether that is via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facebook. You can live stream your elopement so everyone feels included. Your "guests" could know about your elopement ahead of time (include it in your un-invitation) or it could be a surprise!

5. Social media announcement

While it might be impersonal to announce your elopement on social media, it's definitely is the easiest. Just post a photo of you and your partner in wedding clothes on Facebook or Instagram and call it a day. However, I do recommend telling those closest to you beforehand. Would you want to find out your brother got married via Facebook?

How would you / did you tell people you decided to elope instead? Email me to tell me.

If you need an elopement photographer, hit me up!! Let's plan an unforgettable day.



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