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  • Tamara Merri

Enchanted Rock Elopement | Megan & Kalena

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Megan & Kalena's Enchanted Rock Elopement in Texas

enchanted rock landscape. couple sits on a big rock overlooking the hill country beyond

About the Couple

Megan and Kalena's chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS!! Every interaction between these two shouted "LOVE": the endless giggles, the way they perfectly fit together, and the bashful kisses.

Everything about them is perfectly contradictory. They're calm but nervous, carefree but intentional, mindful but spontaneous. An elopement is the perfect celebration for these free, adventurous souls and enchanted rock was the perfect backdrop for their wild love.

I'm 100% obsessed with Megan's bashful reaction during their first look, the warm glow of the sun for their post-elopement couple's photos on the rocks, their reactions to being officially married, and the perfect, handmade invitations & vow papers created by Amanda Reid Designs.

During moments of downtime I'd catch Megan practicing her vows. She practiced while Kalena dressed, she practiced as we walked from one location to another, and she took some time to practice before the ceremony. When the time came to recite them, both Megan and Kalena's words were full of so much emotion and intention. I could feel their hearts through their words.

Where in Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock State Park is suuuchh a beautiful elopement location. It's fairly large and private, but isn't too strenuous of a hike. We visited a bunch of different locations around the park for different aspects of the day. Enchanted rock is so beautiful it's necessary to see as much as you can! We chose the first look location based on where the sun was setting over the rocks. We chose their ceremony location based on what felt "right" to them. And then we ventured to a part of the park with big boulders for their couples photos to incorporate more adventure feels.

We ended the night watching the sun set, talking about UFO stories, and hiked back down enchanted rock at dusk with full hearts. I'm so thankful for this life full of adventure and connecting with amazing elopement couples!

Vendor Team

Photographer: Tamara Merri Photography

Videographer: Matthew Reid Films

Calligraphy: Amanda Reid Designs

Location: Enchanted Rock State Park

CLICK HERE to see their Elopement Video by Matthew Reid Films!

groom buttoning cufflinks

bride standing barefoot on rocks with the sun beaming behind her

girl looking down at bouquet with white and orange flowers

paper with handwritten vows and a bouquet of flowers

bride covering grooms eyes for their first look at their elopement

girl standing slightly behind guy and they're smiling at each other

girl smiling bashfully at guy who is looking over his shoulder at her