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The White Room Worcester Wedding | Vanessa & Dillon

The White Room worcester wedding

So while the White Room in Worcester is considered a Central MA wedding venue... isn't really a traditional wedding venue. It's a space for an event, and then provides access to the cuuuutest ivy-covered courtyard. But regardless, yes, this blog is for a White Room wedding haha.

The grassy courtyard is so beautiful and inviting. It's surrounded on three sides from the brick buildings nearby and the thriving ivy and plants crawl the sides of the building making it super unique. It has planted gardens and twinkle lights to boot.

The White Room is located next to Worcester Public Market, on the ground level under the super popular bakery Birchtree Bread Co and the plant store Seed to Stem.

White Room Wedding

Vanessa and Dillon brought their own flower arch for their ceremony (that Vanessa made!) to provide an anchoring point for their "I do's". Vanessa's best friend got ordained and married them as they didn't want any other guests present.

Their original plans were to get married at Worcester City Hall and then take photos afterwards at the Palladium (since they're huge music fans) but sadly neither location was available for their date. They were very particular about their date of October 10 as it was special to them and they were leaving the next day for their honeymoon cruise! That's the only downside about planning to elope at Worcester City Hall is that you can't solidify a date until 60 days out. But I think their change of plans would out beautifully!

After taking some photos in their black wedding attire, Vanessa changed into a white dress to take a few more photos, sign their marriage license, and cut their cute vintage heart shaped wedding cake.

signing marriage license

The cake was made by one of their good friends who owns Wicked Sweets who actually won a baking competition show!! Even though she's super talented she now exclusively is a tattoo artist and doesn't take cake orders anymore, sorry friends. But isn't this cake awesome? I've saw an influx of couples wanting these "vintage heart cakes" throughout 2023!

wedding shoes

Thinking of eloping in Worcester or getting married in Central Massachusetts? Reach out and let's talk about what you're envisioning for your day!



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