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Boston City Hall Elopement | Angie & Daniel

There are sooo many different City Halls in Massachusetts. Some have cutie small town vibes, some are more chic and urban, some are just in random buildings, but who wouldn't want to get married at Boston City Hall in the historic heart of the city? Even though it's been dubbed one of the ugliest buildings in America, the surrounding area certainly is not.

couple sitting on chairs in city clerk's office waiting for wedding ceremony

When Angie and I first connected, she was initially interested in having a small ceremony at Hammond Castle. Throughout planning they switched the plan to Boston City Hall for their elopement and here's what they said for why:

"Boston is where our adventure really began and we're fascinated by the big inner city. Our very first trip together was to the aquarium and traveling into the inner depth of East Boston where the culture really sprouted. Since then, we have tried to hit every spot in Boston and around the Boston area to absorb the food and community."

A few of their friends came for the ceremony but other than that it was a surprise for everyone else!! Their ceremony was on the sixth floor at the City Clerk's office but City Hall also has a larger space to accommodate ceremonies with more gusts. Click here to learn more about how to elope at Boston City Hall.

Aside from the quick ceremony and exchanging rings, they didn't have anything particular in mind for the photos afterwards. They just wanted to wander around the city and enjoy themselves. They don't ever really take photos together so they were excited to get photos in spots they've been exploring for years!

After wandering the area directly around Boston City Hall we ventured to Quincy Market, Rowes Wharf, and over to the Harborwalk. It was a superfuckinghot day this summer so we stopped to get some lemonade for the walk before we keeled over. I don't know how Daniel lasted in that suit coat. He's a rockstar!

black and white photo of couple standing on large compass in harsh sunlight

candid photo getting drinks in boston

boston seaport harborwalk elopement

We only had two hours together which was a good timeframe to capture their ceremony then some candids and posey pics along the walk around the Boston Harbor.

Interested in chatting about your elopement, whether at Boston City Hall or somewhere else in the city? I'm an ordained minister (lol) so we could have your ceremony anywhere you wanted!

Fill out the inquiry form and lets get chattin about what you've envisioned.



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