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Updated: Jun 25

Once you decide to elope, it can be overwhelming (but exciting!) to choose the location. If you're super adventurous, places like the PNW or National Parks might be on your list. But if you decide to choose to elope local to home - which for the purpose of this blog is Texas, the list gets a little more manageable. So, where should you elope in Texas? If you want a location that is a little more tame, (ie: not a multiple hour hike) then Enchanted Rock should be on your elopement location list!

Where to elope in Texas: Enchanted Rock

Here's a brief list for why Enchanted Rock is the perfect location for your elopement in Texas, followed by a longer explanation.

Ten reasons to elope at Enchanted Rock:

  1. You get amazing views of the hill country

  2. There are tons of versatile locations for photos

  3. It is easily accessible for the able bodied

  4. It is not a strenuous hike

  5. For the activities & experiences available

  6. You can bring your pets

  7. It has been designated an International Dark Sky Park


  9. It is maintained and regulated to ensure it's beauty

  10. It is open from sunrise to sunset

Now that you have the short list of why it's great, let's dig in a little more!

Why Enchanted Rock is your perfect elopement location:

  1. You get amazing views of the hill country. While the elevation of Enchanted Rock "Mountain" is less than 2,000 feet, the view from the top of the pink granite dome is gorgeous. In the heart of the hill country, you get a expansive view of the lush greenery surrounding Fredericksburg.

  2. There are tons of versatile locations for photos: there's top of the granite rock, with the large boulders on the hike up, along the trail, along the water, and among the wildflowers. To get really interesting photos, I recommend not going all the way to the top. The sweet spot is 1/3 of the way up so that you get the expansive view in the background as well as have boulders towering over you!

  3. It is easily accessible for the able bodied. While the park is not wheel chair friendly, it is more accessible in the sense that there is a parking lot near the beginning of the hike as well as 11 miles of trails that do not have a steep elevation.

  4. It is not a strenuous hike: You get amazing views of the hill country without all the effort of hiking a mountain. You can expect the hike/walk to the top of enchanted rock to take about 15-20 minutes. Although it doesn't take very long, don't underestimate the terrain. You'll definitely want to wear closed toed shoes as part of the hike is steep, and you have to navigate over rubble/rocks.

  5. For the activities & experiences available. Aside from the obvious hiking, at Enchanted rock you can also rock climb, boulder, camp, stargaze, bird watch, and picnic! One of the great parts of eloping is that you can include your favorite activities. Want to say your I do's while you're belaying? You can do that. You should do that!

  6. You can bring your pets. Need I say more?! Anywhere that will allow my pup to be involved in my elopement would be high on my list. However, they'll need to stay in designated areas and on leash.

  7. It has been designated an International Dark Sky Park. This means that stargazing is amazing! With little light pollution from nearby cities, you can take time to marvel at the wonders of the galaxy after marrying you best friend. From a photographer's perspective, you can get dope night sky photos! Think of having the Milky Way in the background of your photos! While the park closes at sunset usually, there are "rock star parties" that allow you in the park after dark.

  8. WINE & GERMAN FOOD! Enchanted Rock is near Fredericksburg which is considered Texas' wine country. So after you get married, you can reward yourself with wine. YES PLEASE! You can go winery & brewery hopping, get a pretzel as big as your face, and enjoy authentic German food.

  9. It is maintained and regulated to ensure it's beauty. While the park is open to the public, you need to pay an entrance fee which ensures the protection the natural and cultural resources as well as to regulates the amount of visitors to preserve your experience. The park closes to visitors once capacity is reached so make sure you reserve a day pass!

  10. It is open from sunrise to sunset. The benefit of this is that you can choose whether you want a sunrise or sunset elopement. You can of course have a mid-day elopement too, but for photography reasons, the light is better in photos when the sun is lower on the horizon line; just after sunrise, or just before sunset.

If those reasons didn't sell you, maybe these photos will!

Enchanted Rock elopement inspiration photos

More photos of Enchanted Rock:

*disclaimer, these are just everyday iPhone photos of Enchanted Rock from when I've hiked it in the past*


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