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Mount Willard Elopement | New Hampshire

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Looking for a easy hike in New Hampshire to celebrate your elopement?! Then may I present to you: Mount Willard

mount willard summit view. a couple looks out at the view during their elopement

LOOK AT THAT AMAZING VIEW!! Mount Willard is SUCH a perfect spot to elope!!

In my opinion, Mount Willard is one of the most beautiful mountain views in New Hampshire that doesn't require much effort. The hike to the top is about 1.5 miles which you can hike in about an hour! No crossing rivers or scrambling - just a nice (albeit strenuous in some places) hike on well defined path.

Well... the hike this day it wasn't quiiiiite so easy. We followed Courtney and Issac's dog, Kona, up the path and ended up missing the turn for Mount Willard trail. So if you do this hike make sure to take a quick left after you get to the trail head! We basically ended up doing two hikes... AND it was pouring rain the entire time. But right as we got to the end of the hike the rain stopped and we were greeted with the MOST beautiful day and view.

Isaac hiked up with their garment bag with their elopement clothes thankfully so all of their clothes stayed dry for their session. After taking in the view and taking a few shots (!!!), Courtney and her maid of honor Michelle went to a secluded part of the summit to get Court hair and makeup ready while Issac hung out with their doggy.

From Courtney's grab-ass first look to their champagne shower, we had SO much fun exploring the summit and the view. Enjoy these elopement photos of their evening popping champagne, twerking, dancing, exchanging loving words, and snuggling on the mountaintop. Their relationship is so incredibly playful and I'm so grateful I got to capture their love!!!

bride doing hair and makeup on top of a mountain

bride doing makeup on top of mountain

groom getting dressed for elopement on top of mountain

groom tying tie

maid oh honor zipping up wedding dress surrounded by trees

maid of honor doing bride's hair surrounded by trees. you can see the groom off in the distance

groom's portrait on top of mountain

moody black and white grooms portrait

wide angle view of the elopement first look. the bride is walking towards the camera along a dirt parh with the groom in the distance

bride slaps groom's butt first elopement first look

grooms reaction to seeing bride during first look

bride and groom kissing with trees surrounding them and mountains in the background

bride and groom walking hand in hand towards the camera smiling at each other

photo through the trees of the couple holding hands side by side facing away from the camera

bride snuggled into groom's chest, the groom is smiling really big at the camera. they're standing at the end of the mount willard trail

couple exploring summit of mount willard

couple exploring the summit of mount willard.

groom helping bride up onto a rock with the beautiful mount willard summit view behind them

mount willard summit elopement

bride and groom looking out at the view from the mount willard summit during their elopement

romantic wedding photo on top of a mountain. newlywed poses

epic mountain elopement photo.. mount willard elopement . bride and groom kissing on a mountain summit in new hampshire

mount willard elopement ceremony

couple saying vows during adventure elopement with their dog

mount willard views

a close up photo of the groom smiling at the bride during their elopement ceremony

bride and groom embracing

bride sticking tongue out at groom being silly during wedding ceremony

bride and groom first kiss with their dog during mount willard elopement

wedding photo with dog

bride and dog

bride and groom being silly on mountain with great view of new Hampshire in the background

bride straddling groom in the air kissing

bride on groom's back kissing is cheek

bride and groom sitting down enjoying the view of mount willard during their elopement

bride and groom sitting with their backs to the camera with the view from the summit of mount willard in the background

behind the scenes photo of two girl sitting with the couple's dog and belongings

couple popping champagne for their elopement on mount willard

groom pouring champagne into brides mouth during elopement

tamara merri photography with bride smiling at camera

If you're interested in eloping at Mount Willard, but also want more views in the area to make your day longer, then consider adding one of these other locations to your elopement day:

  • Saco Lake - right across the street of the trail head of Mount Willard)

  • Cathedral Ledge - about a half hour drive away (you can drive to the top if you only want the view, not the adventure)

  • Elephant Rock - a 0.7 mile hike right down the road from the Mount Willard trail head

  • A perfect, nameless waterfall right down the road that I'll guide you to



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