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Best Photos of 2019

Updated: May 27

Best Photos of 2019 : a year end recap

Welcome to my *very late* best of 2019 recap! I originally planned to share one favorite photo from each wedding/session I did in 2019. But that proved to be SO MUCH HARDER than I expected it to be (that's what she said). So, I've decided to choose a strict 19, in representation of 2019. If you want to take a look at my original 100+ finalists, click here.

The majority of my favorite photos are the ones that you wouldn't notice if they weren't included in the gallery. They are very rarely the traditional moments. They're the real moments; photos chuck full of emotion, super silly, or unique to the couple.

Before I showcase the photos, here are some numbers:

Number fun:

19 weddings for Tamara Merri Photography

25 weddings as second shooter

9 associate weddings

15 engagement sessions

9 families

7 maternity/preg announcement

5 boudoir

3 bridals

1 senior photo

7 events

2 headshots

2 styled shoots

5 states: Texas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine.

Three fun facts:

1. I photographed my first adventure session

2. I received The Knot 2020 Best of Weddings award for the first time

3. I had an allergic reaction at a wedding and an ambulance was called (I'm fine).

Favorite moments:

1. Bethany & Tim's flower girl entrance when she threw petals onto guests instead of the aisle

2. When couples go in for a second kiss after their first kiss during the ceremony

3. After a first look when bride's show the groom their shoes

And now, the photos.


After I went and talked about "real moments", #19 top photo of 2019 is this completely deliberate photo. But, I HAD to include it. Look at that badassery.

# 18

WINDY AS A MOTHER. I can't get enough of the photos from this ceremony. The wind does a fantastic job at telling their ceremony story. Yliana's cathedral veil was whipping the first row, the bridesmaids hair completely fell out, and you could hardly hear their vows over the wind in the microphone, but it was the most perfect and memorable ceremony.


This photo is from a styled shoot. It might've been in my top three had it been from a real wedding. I am obsessed with the light, the vintage room, and the grace of how Julia moves. It just screams vogue at me.


dogs. that's all.


Before they walked back down the aisle, Chelsea's maid of honor gave her a quick hug and it gives me ALL. THE FEELS. That look of love on her face tells me more about their friendship than some inside joke stories ever could.


Little girl with a camera. Does it get any cuter? This photo might not've made it in others' "top of", but it just fills me up inside. Plus, Anna and Justin are actually hanging out together at the cocktail hour, which usually never happens. So +1 for spending time together. And being serenaded by your friends.


"She's mine now!" - Grandpa. Look at all that joy. I could make a new star out of all that beaming.


I got to know Lauren's family fairly well throughout the wedding planning process, so I know how much Lauren adores her dad, and vice versa. But even if I didn't, this


Crumpled. One of the best father-bride first look reactions I've seen.


Kaitlyn flubbed up a word in her vows, which derailed the entire love message. Instead of "I'll love you even when you don't deserve it" she said "I'll love you when you deserve it". The laughter could be heard from outer space. Kaitlyn and Cayden wrote their vows together so he knew what to expect. I had never heard coordinated vows before and it was WONDERFUL. The way they played off each other just shows they already have such a great partnership.


Even if you weren't there, you know what's going on here. I'm all about that story.


The second after I took this photo I knew it'd be one of my favorites for a long time. The aisle didn't have very good light as they were walking down so I was frustrated, but then they got to the end and stopped in the most perfect light while Baldemar kissed Lauren's cheek. I just about burst when she made the cutest excited face.


I. MEAN. COME. ON. I think this is the goal for all brides when they envision how their groom will react when they walk down the aisle.


Ok. The views. Those smiles. That light. Champagne. The wind in Kelsey's dress. Top 10 for sure.


Honestly crying again. I was a puddle when Elsie did her first look with her son Ned. He was SO happy to see her, and just fell into her arms. A mother's love is a powerful thing. And their love is the greatest.


If you can't tell, tears, laughter, and real love just fill me right up. Pictured here is Ashlyn's sister and bridesmaid wiping her tears. I have a similar photo when I spun around to get her mom doing the same.


That single, silent tear. Man o man. No-look-first-looks are already emotional, but add a personal vow/letter reading to it and everyone witnessing will be mush.


Kaitlyn and Cayden are back again for the number two spot. I have a soft spot for these two. If I didn't say a word, they would go on being cute and in love without even knowing I was standing there with a camera. I love this photo so much, and the gentle elbow touch really just throws it over the edge for me.


I knew this would be my number one right after it happened. The light, the uniqueness, the non-wedding-wedding-photo. Ellen's dress and Mike's suit make it unbeatable. So unique personalized. You'd never know, but it was about 100 degrees that day. We were walking around New Haven to get some urban city shots and when the side of this post office presented itself beautifully. I had rented a 16-35mm lens for this wedding, which I had never used before (and have never used again), but this photo would be nowhere near as impressive without it. This makes it my number one because of the preparation, luck, uniqueness, and the fact that I know Ellen and Mike are the coolest couple in the world.

I hope you enjoyed! If you want to see more of my favorites from 2019 that didn't make the top, check out the full list here.

For more photo fun, check out last year's Best of 2018 blog.

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