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Worcester City Hall Elopement | Samantha & Phil

Worcester city hall architecture

Samantha and Phil got engaged 10 years ago. Shortly after they got engaged they learned they were going to have a baby. Then the second baby came. And before they knew it the wedding plans got pushed to the back burner while the kids and life happened.

Samantha expressed that neither her nor Phil relish being the center of attention and that the idea of having a big wedding wasn't something she was excited about. It's hard to break it to family and friends that you actually don't want the wedding they've been picturing - so when COVID regulations forced smaller gatherings, they knew it was perfect time for them to pull the trigger on eloping without feeling guilty. I've heard this so many times. It can be extremely difficult to break from the "norm" and have a smaller, intimate affair rather than a big wedding with hundreds of people. Throughout the pandemic, elopements have boomed. For some, it was heartbreaking to cancel their large celebrations, for others, it was liberating to finally be able to purse the path they had already wanted.


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Elopements can range from quick city hall ceremonies to all day adventure elopements doing your favorite activity. As far as City Hall elopements go, Worcester City Hall is an amazing building to have elopement photos in. The grand staircase is exquisite as is the unique pattern on the ceiling and delicious architecture. So when Samantha reached out 4 days before her elopement day to tell me she wanted me to document it I was SO excited for the opportunity.


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bride and groom at marriage intensions window at the city clerks office

Their appointment was at 9am so I met them on the 2nd floor of City Hall where they'd check in with the city clerk to show proof of marriage license and pay their ceremony fee.

boys on grand staircase in worcester city hall

Their boys took the opportunity to explore while we were waiting for the Justice of the Peace to greet us.

couple holding hands during wedding ceremony while eloping in worcester city hall

He directed us to the vestibule room (this is the room at the top of the outdoor spiral staircases - but that entrance is currently not open to the public), where he performed the short and sweet 5 minute ceremony.

ring exchange during elopement ceremony

They exchanged rings and shared a quick mask-less kiss before joining in on a big family hug.

couple's first kiss at elopement

family hug after elopement

This group hug photo might be my favorite photo of the day. Even though it's not technically magnificent or perfectly lit - it is REAL. The kids were so happy their parents were married. I made sure to include the Worcester emblem to give the photo more context.

family photo after elopement at worcester city hall
couple kissing on grand staircase

The morning light was streaming so beautifully through the windows behind them to make them pop on the stairs! I love the symmetry this staircase provides for photos.

worcester city hall architecture with couple posing on stairs for elopement

Excuse me while I drool over this architecture!

couple smiling at each other

couple showing off their new wedding rings for the camera in front of grand clock

Show me those rings!!! Samantha loved this clock, and I absolutely love that including it in photos literally stops time. Every photo where the clock is included packs a storytelling punch. You can see that this photo was taken approximately 11 minutes after their ceremony start time. For one, it proves how quickly the ceremony is!! For two, I love that they can say " 5 minutes after we were married we were dancing at the top of the stairs in Worcester City Hall showing off our wedding rings!"

couple posing at top of staircase with large windows behind them

Seriously can't get over the photo opportunities at Worcester City Hall. For the photo above and the photo below I stood in the exact same spot. Thank god for open levels and balconies! The shadows on the stairs below make my heart happy.

birds eye view of couple on staircase with dramatic shadows

family photo on stone spiral staircase on the main street entrance of worcester city hall

After getting a good mix of photos inside city hall we ventured outside to snap a few more with the stone spiral staircase which is on the Main street entrance side. The little circle room where they performed the wedding ceremony is at the top of these stairs.

bride's sons posing on stairs

Breaking news we got real smiles from both boys at once!

bride and groom on front steps of worcester city hall

Again - the architecture! Worcester you amaze me! Also fantastic photo of Samantha's hair.

candid photo of children running towards the camera

The boys didn't like staying still for too long so I encouraged them to run it out! They were running towards me while I ran away - whoever tagged me first got an extra special treat! Spoiler alert, they both got ice cream for being so well behaved and as a celebration their parents got married.

close up photo of wedding rings

New bling!

groom with sons

brides sons kissing her cheeks

bride and groom out front of worcester city hall

family in front of white stretch limo where the kids are jumping out of excitement

They rented a limo for the occasion - I love it!!! Of course we HAD to snap some photos with the limo before we parted ways.

couple snuggling in limo after elopement

I'm so grateful I was able to document such a special day in their family's life. Being trusted to photograph elopements is incredibly dear to my heart because I know this is the only glimpse into their story that they have to share with family and friends. These photos will be heirloom items for their sons. I can already picture it 30 years from now, the boys looking through their wedding album thinking " wow - I really wouldn't smile unless I was being tickled, huh?". Capturing memories in the making is so rewarding and I will never grow tired of it.

If you're considering eloping at Worcester City Hall, give me a call! I'd love to photograph your day and hear how I can bring your vision to life!

If you want some more information about how to elope at Worcester City Hall, I wrote a blog to help you every step of the way. Check that out by clicking here.



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