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Inn on Boltwood Wedding | Chris & Caitlin

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

couple walking on path in front of inn on boltwood

Inn on Boltwood is a quaint wedding venue located in Amherst, Massachusetts. It has all the charm of an Inn with all the offerings you'd want from a traditional venue; ballroom, outdoor tent, and rooftop terrace. It's nestled in the small town of Amherst next to Amherst College but is close enough to the Mount Holyoke Range to feel secluded and get mountain vibes in your wedding photos. I LOVE the combination of white-washed brick on the Inn with the surrounding greenery which just brings New England alive. It was the perfect wedding venue for Chris and Caitlin's August wedding as they are Amherst College Alumni.

Here's a quick minute and a half slideshow of Chris and Caitlin's wedding day at Inn on Boltwood.

Meet Chris & Caitlin:

Q: Can you recall the moment you first knew you loved your partner?

Not sure if this was the first moment I knew I loved him, but the moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him was our first 4th of July together. We'd been dating around 8 months. We were snuggling on a blanket watching the fireworks and talked about how much we both really like fireworks. And he said that he couldn't wait to share these experiences with his future children. My heart just melted. We both value building a loving family and really want children. At that moment I knew that I wanted to build a family with him. -Caitlin

I'm also not sure of that moment when I knew I loved Caitlin, but I remember clearly when I knew we would be together forever. After we graduated from college, we took a cross-country road trip together. We entered into a perfect groove of driver and navigator, exploring new and different places together. I realized that there was no one else who I would rather be alone for weeks at a time. Until then, nothing had ever felt so right. - Chris

Q: If you had to pick just one thing that you love the most about your partner, what would it be?

Chris is a great friend to all of his friends. More than anyone else I've met, he goes out of his way to support, care for, and stay in touch with all of his friends. That's why it's perfect his last name is Friend - Caitlin

Caitlin is the most empathetic person I know. Her willingness and ability to identify with the feelings of others inspires and challenges me to be a better person every day. - Chris

Their Wedding Day

The morning of their wedding day was a little dreary but the rain held off for the most part. There were a few sprinkles during their first look but thankfully the outdoor ceremony went off without a hitch! Cloud cover can be really beneficial for photos in the sense that it diffuses sunlight for more even lighting midday!

front entrance of Inn on Boltwood
Font entrance of Inn on Boltwood
back of inn on boltwood ceremony and cocktail hour space
Back of Inn on Boltwood : ceremony and cocktail hour space

Caitlin got ready with her bridesmaids while Chris hung out on the rooftop terrace with his groomsmen and father. I love being present for getting ready moments and how the photos end up establishing the story of their wedding day. After they were ready we headed to Amherst College for their first look. They saw each other and exchanged cards in front of the building where they first met. Chris's reaction makes my heart happy every time I look at their photos! We walked around campus and saw where their old dorms were and important places for the story of their relationship. We made our way to the war memorial to get the mountainous backdrop which are some of my favorites!

Caitlin getting hair done on morning of wedding

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groomsmen hanging out on terrace of Inn on Boltwood

first look at wedding
First look on Amherst campus

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groom's reaction during first look

Walking around their alma mater

Their ceremony was outside, behind the Inn on the brick. I think it's so awesome that the rooftop terrace is right there so you can get a unique top-down perspective of your ceremony! A second shooter is a must-have if you want that type of photo. The cocktail hour was spread around the garden area surrounding the ceremony site and their reception was in the outdoor tent which was really big and fit all of their guests perfectly! Many Graces decorated the entire wedding absolutely flawlessly - seriously some of the prettiest flowers I've ever photographed!

wedding ceremony at Inn on Boltwood view from the rooftop terrace
Ceremony point of view from the rooftop terrace

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wedding rings on hands after ceremony

wedding photo couple sitting on bench behind inn on boltwood

couple waving to their wedding guests from inn on Boltwood rooftop terrace

reception space under tent at inn on boltwood

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first dance at wedding reception

big college group photo holding up Amherst flag
All the Amherst alumni!

Vendor Team:

Florist: Many Graces

Hair and Makeup: Honey Hair and Beauty

Dress Boutique: Flair Boston and designer Kelly Faetanini

Photographer: Tamara Merri Photography (me!)

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