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Top 10 Unique Engagement Session Ideas

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

"Why do I need to take engagement photos?"

Engagement photos are super useful for a couple reasons. It helps you to get to know your photographer, to experience what it's like "posing" before you're in wedding attire, and you get cute photos for your wedding website or save the dates.

"Where should I take my engagement photos?"

Many people gravitate towards similar locations for where to do their photos; a big empty field, by the water, a local park, etc. While there is nothing wrong with this and you can get some truly beautiful photos, there is more that we can do!

"What are some unique engagement session ideas?"

Why not do something that is more on-brand to your relationship. The best sessions are always the ones where my clients feel most like themselves and are having FUN. Real laughter and smiles make the best photos. Think of it more like a date, where you're bringing a photographer along.

Here are ten fun, quirky, unique, out-of-the-box engagement session ideas to consider:

1. Take a canoe or kayak out on the water. Jump in!

couple kissing in a lake for engagement session photos
Photo by: Lindsey Dennison Photography. In frame: Tamara Merri with boyfriend!

2. Go to one of those pop-ups specifically for cool photos like the FOMO factory, Museum of Ice Cream, or Austin Flower Vault.

3. Cover yourselves in paint and then be your own paintbrushes on a huge canvas. Think of the cute kissing photos like in 10 Things I Hate About You. If you haven't seen that movie stop reading and watch it asap

4. Stay home. Do things you do. Make coffee, snuggle while reading, play with your dog or cat. Get steamy.

5. Hike up a mountain/go on an adventure to get photos with kick ass views

6. Take a helicopter somewhere and get photos in it as well as your destination

couple running in a field with a helicopter in the background
Photo by: Film & Forest

7. Wake up at the crack of dawn and go somewhere that is usually overrun with tourists, before it's crowded.

8. Go to an arcade and take some retro neon light photos. Have fun; throw tokens/tickets in the air, be a kid, laugh a lot.

9. Go to a rooftop downtown to get unique views of the city. Do whatever you want up there. Rollerblade. Bust out your guitar. Have a picnic.

10. Midnight picnic where there is no moon to star gaze. Make sure you hire a photographer that is bomb at night photography.

So, what will you do for your engagement session? One thing that you can't go wrong with is choosing Tamara Merri Photography to capture your engagement photos and story!

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