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Urban Worcester Elopement | Meg + Michael

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

May I introduce to you : Meaghan and Michael, my Twosday 2-22-2022 elopement couple!!

When Meaghan and I first talked about her elopement vision I was so excited for the opportunity to photograph her and Michael's day. She explained how she's "Worceter through and through" and that they were looking forward to an urban, chic, go-with-the-flow elopement day. In fact, they didn't even want photos of their actual elopement ceremony, and instead just wanted to capture their dynamic together and the vibe.

Aside from wanting photos at Worcester City Hall, where they ultimately said "I do", she mentioned how Coney Island was a super iconic spot for her family. How her family would go there all the time when her and he sister were little girls and loved the idea of somehow incorporating it into their day.

I looked up George's Coney Island in Worcester and it turned out that they were closed on their wedding day, a Tuesday. So we had planned to just take some photos outside with the building as our backdrop. However, the week of their wedding I called and asked if there was any possibility at all that we could come inside to snap a few photos. And god love them they said yes!!! Since they'd be closed we wouldn't be able to get any hot dogs, so I went the day before to grab some to make their experience a little more authentic.

The morning of their wedding when I met Meg and Michael at Coney Island and Meg went right to "their" table. So cute! We snapped a few photos of them sharing a cream soda, snuggling in the booth, checking out the juke box and ultimately just truly embracing their time together.

Soon it was time to head to City Hall for them to have their private ceremony. Meg expressed that they've always wanted a private wedding - even before Covid. Although covid was a nice excuse so that everyone could accept they weren't invited haha. So although I didn't take any photos of them actually tying the knot, we still took photos before and afterwards.

Capturing the historic architecture and urban landscape was a big priority for Mega and Michael. And the architecture of Worcester City Hall is stunning; from the stone exterior to the grand staircase inside along with the orange archways and rounded intricate ceiling - so gorgeous!!

I love all their images and I hope you enjoy them too, and maybe get some inspo for what your Worcester elopement could look like!!

While they had no vendor team to shout out, I just wanted to once again give a big thank you to George's Coney Island in Worcester for being MVPs and making their dreams come true!

couple walking across the street to go into George's coney island in worcester

couple strutting down table aisle at coney island

couple cheerses hotdogs

photo of bride and groom's feet under table to show off shoes

couple cuddled in booth at coney island with the juke box close in frame
couple laughing in booth

couple snuggled in booth at coney island

photo from over the couple's shoulders to show them holding hands, hotdogs

bride signing name on coney island booth wall

bride and groom changing music on juke box

bride and groom dancing in coney island on elopement

bride sitting in booth while groom stands next to her, playing with her hair

bride sits on counter at coney island while sharing intimate moment with groom

bride and groom dressed chic for their urban elopement at coney island in Worcester

bride and groom walk across the street from coney island hand in hand looking chic for their urban elopement in worcester

groom posing next to POW! WOW! mural in downtown worcester in tux

photo of couple's feet walking in downtown worcester

photo of the front of City Hall with the wedding couple very small out front
couple standing out front of city hall with sunglasses on

couple walking into worcester city hall for their elopement

Thinking of eloping at Worcester City Hall? Let's make a day of it exploring downtown to bring your urban elopement dreams to reality. Fill out my inquiry form below or contact me to start!



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