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Downtown Austin Rooftop Engagement Session | Behind the Scenes Video

Downtown Austin Formal Engagement Session

If you've ever wondered what it's like to have your engagement photos taken- this is for you! This blog shows a behind the scenes video for what it's like during a session, with all the feature photos and an explanation for my posing/direction.

I find that the majority of couples choose a park or field for their engagement sessions. I have been wanting to do a session in a more urban setting for a while, so I asked Sarah if her and Adam would model for me to show what a downtown session could look like. They absolutely CRUSHED it!

Since this was a styled/modeled session, I asked my friend Justin if he'd come along and film some behind the scenes for me. In the behind the scenes video below, you can watch to see how I interact/pose my couples, as well as reasoning behind why I choose certain locations, certain lenses, and different prompts/movements.

I think the behind the scenes video is beneficial for both couples and other photographers. If you're a couple reading this, you can get a sense of what it might be like to work with me. If you're a photographer reading this, you'll see what the settings/metadata is for all the photos and maybe pick up some posing techniques.

Let me know if you enjoyed the video and would want to see more content like this!

Downtown Austin rooftop engagement session behind the scenes video:

Below are the photos featured in the video. To see more photos, and more of the story of this day, visit my blog post: Urban Rooftop Engagement Session

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