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FOMO Factory | Unique Engagement Session Idea | Austin, Texas

Updated: Apr 17

"I'm so awkward!" - every couple, ever.

Sure, engagement session can feel awkward... at least before you arrive. There is so much anticipation for wanting to look cute while also letting loose, meeting your photographer for the first time, and hoping you chose the right outfit.

BUT - you don't have to feel awkward or weird at all if you choose a location (and activity!!) that compliments your personality and relationship. Take the FOMO Factory for example. THIS PLACE IS SO FUN. You don't have to think about if you look happy enough because you'll be too busy smiling from ear to ear.

You walk in to a color bomb explosion of a room. There are streamers, balloons, and a big ass cake you can jump out of. I mean - talk about getting out of your head. This place could make Eeyore happy.

You can feel free to just HAVE FUN with the person you love, while I capture that fun love. It's like you have a third wheel on a date who won't stop taking photos of you and complimenting you.

Balloons. Boobs. Win.

Show me them dance moves y'all. Gettin jiggy wit it nahnahnahnahnahnahnah.

Ok so then after the color bomb explosion room, YOU ENTER A BUBBLE BATH ROOM. My heart race increased just looking at it. SO. MUCH. FUN. Of course, all the balloons spilled out of the doorway the second we entered, so we all broke a sweat trying to get them back in in order to take photos but.... WORTH IT!

Static. So much hair frizz. It's fine - we are here to have fun.

I can't even take it. This photo makes me so happy.

Can you feel the absolute joy bursting from this photo like I can?!?

K so then after the bubble room there's this toy room. With a Care Bear Chair.

Where they decided to make it a super serious photo. King and Queen style. With a care bear throne. It's fine. I hope this is framed in their house. I hope every morning they do some sun salutations while facing this photo. It's majestic.

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Of course there is room dedicated to music. I mean after all, it is Austin.

And a MF'ing seesaw.

Um, yes, Jess may have had some butt bruising after all the times Chris made her airborne. If you aren't bringing childlike playfulness out of each other while on a seesaw what are you doing with life.

Ok so obviously this blog post is dedicated to a unique engagement session idea - but this place would also be super cute for family photos, mommy & me sessions, or fun senior photos.


because the germs were worth it y'all.

peek-a-boo this is the cutestphotoihaveevertaken

more joy. more love. more feels bursting from my eyes looking at these photos.

SO - think you want to just go to a random field to pose? Or do you want an EXPERIENCE... one where I just happen to be taking photos of y'all while you're having the time of your life.

Let's make some memories guys. Let's have a unique engagement session. A fun engagement session. An engagement session that you won't remember as being awkward but instead being ALIVE.

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The FOMO Factory is a temporary installment in downtown Austin. Check out their website to see when tickets are available: https://www.thefomofactory.com/




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