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What to Include in your Wedding Flat Lay

Updated: Apr 8

The other day I was chatting with one of my brides and she was questioning what details to include in her flat lays. I figured other couples have questions about them too so wanted to share a bit about them!

If you aren’t familiar with this, a wedding flat lay is where I collect certain items from a couple to photograph. This is a great way to include items you might not ordinarily get photos of, like invitations or heirloom items.

wedding detail flat lay with invitation

Plus, it’s a great way to begin your wedding album to help to set the theme from your day! Bonus: it warms me up creatively to begin photographing the day 🙂.

A flat lay can include details from both pairs! It’s not only a bridal flat lay. Here are some items that couples choose to include in their wedding flat lays:

  1. Invitations (multiple of them if they are double sided) with envelopes; especially if there is a fun design on the inside or calligraphy with stamps on the outside!

  2. Shoes / fun socks

  3. Vow books

  4. All three rings

  5. Other jewelry like earrings or bracelet

  6. Cuff links

  7. Perfume and cologne

  8. Gifted liquor / wedding party gifts

  9. Lipstick of the day

  10. Heirloom item like hair clip

  11. Borrowed / blue items

  12. Personalized things like cocktail napkins, drink stirrers, or guest favors

  13. Tokens that help to tell the story of the location like sea shells

  14. Ring box (personalized or otherwise)

  15. Fabric or ribbon to tie in the color of bridesmaids dresses

  16. BLOOMS! Ask your florist for some blooms to really elevate the photos

Now, of course none of this is required at all!! You don’t HAVE to have these photos. But if you like them, then definitely organize everything you want to include into a box or bag so everything is nicely organized for your photograph. Also FYI setting up these photos takes about half an hour so make sure you have enough time allotted for this in your timeline!

I like to shoot flay lays on a plain background. I have styling mats I bring to all weddings and match the proper color scheme! Sometimes I like to add the veil on top of the styling mat to add an extra lace / sheer detail. If there are any fun patterns that are part of the day that are large enough to have as a background, like a tiled floor, fun table cloth print, or textured sofa, I may use that instead! It's so fun to be able to play around with all the details to really encapsulate the theme of the wedding and the personality of the couple!

What would you include in your wedding flat lay?

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