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What time should your engagement photos be?

Did you know there is a specific time we photographers try to schedule your session for?

Usually it’s right after sunrise or before sunset so that the sun is on the horizon line which provides more flattering light for portraits. The worst time of day I’d midday, like 2pm, because the sun is harsh and casts shadows on your face. Think of shadowed eye sockets - merp.

The timing goes like this:


✨golden hour


🌝blue hour

💫nighttime (star photos!)

Golden hour is the prime time we try to shoot. The light is “soft” and you get a warm, golden glow to your photos, halo hair lights, and evenly lit skin. For example, today's golden hour (I'm writing this on September 30) is from 5:52 pm to 6:47 pm. Sunset is at 6:30.

Blue hour is right after sunset, when the sun is below the horizon line and the indirect sunlight makes everything a blue shade which results in soft, romantic photos. Today's blue hour is from 6:47 - 6:57 pm.

If the light is harsh I pose a couple with the sun BEHIND them. Once the sunlight gets softer, I'll face the couple towards the light.

Check out examples of the different stages of light by scrolling through this post. Christina and Corey were blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets and I’m so glad they were down to keep shooting through blue hour get those romantic purple tones!!

Daylight & backlit:

daylight and direct light:

golden hour backlit:

golden hour direct light (sun was just below horizon line)

sunset backlit

blue hour direct light

Light looks different in different situations. On the beach there is nothing shading the couple from the sun. Golden hour in the forest, in the mountains, or in an urban setting will look different.

So, which is your fave? Contact me to plan your engagement session!



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