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What to do with your wedding photos

screenshot of gallery portal for wedding photos

After you get married you get access to an online gallery with your wedding photos that are chuck full of candids, joy, and love. The online platform is a beautiful, accessible way to not only view your images but download, share, and print them as well! It's super convenient to have all your wedding photos online that you can view from a computer or phone.

But then what?

Your photos deserve to live offline! Since you're investing so much money to have photos taken of this chapter in your life and love story, those photos deserve to be seen over and over again!

There are so many awesome ways to share and display your photos: prints and albums being two of my favorites. There’s nothing quite like picking up your wedding album and thumbing through the pages together or grabbing a stack of prints to pass around at your next gathering. It’s the best way to reminisce, share your story, and experience those wedding-day-feels all over again. I strongly believe that your photos deserve a special place in your home- a special spot where you’ll see them often.



You can order professional and affordable prints right from within your online gallery and have them shipped directly to your house! Easy peasy! Print sizes range from 4x6 to 40x60 and are printed in a professional lab to ensure color accuracy and amazing quality. The store connected to your gallery is super simple to understand as you can preview your images in different crops and frames before purchase. I warn you to avoid printing your photos out at Walmart, Target, Costco, etc. as I cannot promise that your colors will print true-to-life if you choose to print from non-professional labs, nor can I guarantee the quality and lifespan of them. You invested in professional photography, so I believe it is important to also invest in professional prints. Otherwise, it's like buying a Ferrari and then putting eyelashes on the headlights. Just.... no.

products in online store in wedding gallery

Heirloom Albums

Heirloom albums are just that; heirlooms. They're the highest quality albums that not only hold your dearest memories, but are conversation starters while being a beautiful addition to your coffee table or side tables. They'll last the test of time so you can share your wedding day with your children, and their children. Whether linen, suede, or leather, they're impressively made with sturdy pages that lay completely flat. That means that the center line doesn't create the image as the photo is printed onto the thick page itself. Albums are created with the highlights of the wedding day in mind. Each spread is crafted to show the best photos of the day while intertwining the theme and emotion throughout. While wall art and a box of prints is nice to have your photos live off screen, there's nothing quite like the impressive weight on an heirloom album on your weight to really relive your story from beginning to end.

couple sitting on couch enjoying looking at their heirloom wedding album


  • “We're Married” announcements, postcards, & thank you cards

  • An heirloom wedding album for the two of you

  • A “parent album” for family & friends

  • Unique prints on wood, canvas, or metal

  • Large frame as a focal piece above your couch or fire place

  • Gallery boards displayed on a floating shelf

  • Photo gallery accent wall

  • Calendar

  • Bookmark

  • Ornament

Tada! You now have holiday gift ideas for everyone you know.

calendar template for wedding photos

Relive the Memories from Your Special Day with Adobe

One great way for couples to make the most of the professional photos they receive after their wedding is to create special keepsakes from their photos. For example, couples can use a free platform like Adobe Express to create mementos that capture all their favorite photos from the day. Below are a few ideas to get you started. This blog is sponsored by Adobe.

  • Make Your Snaps Shine on Social Media: Create a beautiful collage of photos using Adobe Express Instagram Collage tool. You can customize the collage with different sizes, frames, and other design elements to make it your own. It is a great way to showcase the memories from your special day.

  • Design a Custom Card: You can easily create a photo card that contains favorite photos from your wedding and add a personalized message with the Adobe Express Photo Card maker. This is a great way to thank your guests for attending your special day and will also be a great keepsake.

  • A Special Way of Showing Gratitude: The Adobe Express Thank You Card creator is another great tool to use to show your appreciation for your guests. You can select a photo from your wedding album and add text and design elements to create a personalized thank you card. This is a great way to make sure your guests know how much you appreciate them for being a part of your big day.

  • A Stunning Slideshow: The Adobe Express Slideshow maker is an excellent tool for creating a beautiful slideshow of photos from your wedding day. It allows you to select multiple photos and arrange them into a single presentation. You can also customize your slideshow with different transitions, music, and other design elements.

So, how will you bring your photos to life after your wedding to revisit your day again and again?



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Sep 04, 2023

It's nice to read this, especially since you recently had a wedding yourself, a very cool and amazing celebration that I will never forget, because it was just incredible, it felt like we were somewhere in another galaxy. What I remember most is how in one of the contests mexico map images we had to guess who among us had relatives from Mexico, and then start our contest with that person. But in general, everything was just top notch, and your article only emphasizes the importance of cool contests and their accessibility.

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