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Why to have Rehearsal Dinner Photography

What is a rehearsal dinner?

A rehearsal dinner a pre-wedding event where the couple's family and members of the wedding party meet to do a walk through of the wedding as well as celebrate with a dinner. The walk through of the wedding provides everyone with instructions on where to stand / when to walk, etc. It's also a wonderful opportunity for the family of each partner to meet as well as the wedding parties.

Why to have Rehearsal Dinner Photography?

Having rehearsal dinner photographer is awesome for a couple of reasons.

The first one being that it's an awesome opportunity to capture candid photos of all your loved ones meeting and mingling. If this is the first time the families are coming together, it's so sweet to have these photo memories of that moment. get photos with all your loved ones in non-wedding attire.

A second big reason it's awesome to have a photographer at your rehearsal dinner is because it's an opportunity for you to get family photos and friend photos. While you get these photos on your wedding as well, it's nice to have these photos in non-wedding attire. Not only for the couple, but for the wedding parties too!

Benefit number three is you get more face time with your photographer. Having a better connection with your photographer often results in you feeling more comfortable in front of then, and thus their camera. The more comfortable you feel, the more your wedding photos will feel like you! It also helps the wedding party and family to feel more comfortable too. While the couple may have talked to their photographer for a year plus, the family hasn't. So it's a great way for everyone to meet!

Fourth, having rehearsal dinner photographer means you're guaranteed to get photos of everything that happens and all the decor. You can be at ease and present and not feel like you have to take out your phone and document everything... because you know someone else is taking pictures on your behalf!

What kinds of photos do you get at a rehearsal dinner?

All photos below are from Hannah & Michael's rehearsal dinner which was hosted in 'The Cave' at Omni Mount Washington Resort.

1. Candids galore during the wedding rehearsal of all the people that are most important to you in a beautiful setting.

2. Nice professional photos of your family and loved ones.

3. Decor photos of the rehearsal dinner space

4. Event photos from speeches, etc throughout the night

5. More portraits in the second space!

Tamara Merri Photographer offers rehearsal dinner photography coverage for all of their couples. Interested in working with Tamara? Please reach out to discuss your needs!



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