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Omni Mount Washington Wedding | Hannah & Michael

Have you ever had such a great experience that it's hard to sum up it someone and even trying to seems futile because you know your head will never be able to produce magical enough words to explain it? That's where I'm at with trying to summarize Hannah & Michael's wedding day at Omni Mount Washington Resort because it was just THE BEST.

Let's start off talking about the wedding venue, cuz dipping my toe into that pool feels easier.

Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, NH

The Omni Mount Washington Resort Wedding Venue in Bretton Woods, NH

If you've been on this Earth for a hot sec then you know that the Omni Hotels are international luxury hotels. So having a resort smack dab in the middle of the White Mountains in Bretton Woods, NH is luxury of the mountains! Aside from being a beautiful hotel for a romantic weekend away or fun family vaca, the Omni Mount Washington Resort has a few different venues for where you can have your wedding ceremony and reception including:

  • Crystal Hills at the Rosebrook Lodge

  • The Grand Ballroom (this is where Hannah + Michael had their reception)

  • Jewell Terrace (this is where Hannah + Michael had their ceremony)

  • South Veranda

  • Sun Dining Room

  • The Conservatory

  • The Presidential Ballroom

  • The Presidential Foyer

  • The Presidential Garden

  • Bretton Woods Base Lodge

  • The Cave (this is where Hannah + Michael had their rehearsal dinner)

Aside from all the event rooms, they also have a beautifully landscaped grounds for wedding photos. Aside from the expansive view of New England's tallest mountains gracing the background, there's also an immaculate 18-hole golf course (that you're allowed to use for wedding photos!) and trails that wind around the property to provide some privacy.

Putting the wedding elements aside, the hotel is historic! It's where the Bretton Woods Accord was signed which is pretty cool. If you want more info about the history check out this article. But the reason I bring up the history is because it is supposedly a sp0o00o0ky hotel.The doors to the hotel first opened in 1902 and the owner/builder's wife, Caroline, supposedly still haunts the hallways of the hotel and there are many sightings of her specifically room 314. I have a little ghost story of my own that I'll bring up in the reception part of H+M's wedding day. People also told me that The Shining was filmed here but I can't find any articles about that so take it with a grain of salt will ya.

But without further ado...

Hannah & Michael's Omni Mount Washington Wedding

omni mount Washington painted on the interior of envelop for the wedding invite

When I published Hannah + Michael's engagement session blog I shared a bunch about them and their relationship so head over there to learn more about these two and their story leading up to the wedding!

Wedding Prep

Hannah got ready with all of her girlies in the bridal suite at the Omni. She opted to put her dress on with just her mom and sister and have a reveal to both her bridesmaids and dad afterwards. While hanging out and getting ready with all your friends the morning of your wedding is super fun, it's also kinda hectic, so it can be nice to have a quiet moment when it's all coming together.

Michael got ready with his friends at a local airbnb before coming back to the hotel and taking some groomsmen photos in the new dining room before it opened to guests.

First Look and Wedding Portraits on the golf course

Okay it's going to take all my effort not to overshare photos from Hannah + Michael's first look!!! It was on the golf course of Omni Mount Washington Resort and it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. From their interaction, the heartfelt and tearful vows, and the super dramatic cloudy sky, changing light, and wind through Hannah's veil it was like a movie scene. It had been a pretty drizzly morning so it was wild that when it was time for them to see each other it magically cleared up.

Family photos on Jewell Terrace and South Veranda

After crying and squealing and saying "oh my god I'm obsessed with you guys" appprooxxxxximately 50328 times it was time to go back to the hotel to take some friend and fam pics. To stay on theme with the day, the weather was confused about what it wanted to do.

We started out with beautiful diffused light and then halfway through photos the clouds rolled in and it started pouuuuuring. Then, after 10 mins, the sun came back out and was super harsh haha. So we bopped around from the Jewell Terrace to the South Veranda (covered patio) to take photos. It's so great that the Omni has a bunch of backup areas if a rain plan is needed!

Wedding Ceremony on the Jewell Terrace

Judging by the weather all day can you guess what happened with the ceremony? You guessed it... it started out super sunny and then halfway through the ceremony the storm blew in. Michael's father was officiating and boy did he speed up that ceremony script!! Right after the ceremony ended and everyone got under the overhang on the Jewell Terrace for cocktail hour the skies opened up!!

While no one wants a rainy wedding, the incoming storm really did make for some cool dramatic photos. I mean....just look at this!! It's awesome when the coordination team (like Pink Tie Productions) supports the couple's decision to move forward with an outdoor ceremony regardless of the radar!

dramatic wedding photo with a big sky of storm clouds in the background of a couple's wedding at omni mount washington resort

This was right about when the storm started rolling in. You can see Hannah's MOH looking towards the impending storm, while the other bridesmaids hair is getting caught in the wind. Then below, Michael turns up his face to feel the wind on his face and that simple human gesture just makes me love this photo so much.


Newlywed Photos around Omni Mount Washington

During cocktail hour and then again later on during blue hour I got to follow the newlyweds around taking some super cute photos of them enjoying their marriage. This was my absolute favorite part of the day and what comes to mind for me when I think about their day. They were just joking around and laughing with each other the whole time. Their humor meshes so well and it's a really special thing to witness. My best advice is to just focus on each other and forget that I'm there and these two are pros at living in the moment with each other.

Wedding Reception in the Grand Ballroom

Okay so it's time for that lil ghost story I mentioned earlier. For wedding receptions I use off camera flash which means my flashes are up on light stands in opposite sides of the room to light the scene. Flashes are what they sound like... they let off a quick burst of light when the trigger goes off. WELL - I had my flashes up... and the light just kept coming on, and staying on! At first I thought my assistant turned on the modeling light but then I saw her take the flashes down, turn off the light, put them back up, AND THEN IT CAME ON AGAIN. Multiple times. On all of my flashes. So I'm pretty sure there was a little spirit comin to say hi. Hi ghosty! Can you see any kind of orb or hazy presence in the back of any of the reception photos below?

After a super energetic entrance by the whole wedding party, H+M shared their first dance ensconced in a half circle from their wedding party. During Michael's mother and son dance he invited all of the mothers and sons in the room out on to the dance floor for them to share the moment. Since he played college baseball with many of his buddies, he got to know their parents well too so they were all invited to the wedding. I think that is so special and not something I see at many weddings! After dances their friends and Hannah's dad absolutely crushed their speeches! They were all so heartfelt and tearjerkers. You can tell they are surrounded by so much love and support.

Thennnnnn it was time for the most hype dance floor!! I swear these people have unlimited energy! It was the best vibe from the moment I arrived til the time I left, and I'm sure way after.

Want more wedding photos? Check out the TMP Wedding Blog!

Hannah & Mike's fabulous Omni Mount Washington wedding vendor team:

Bride's MUA: Jeremy Makeup

Bridal Party MUA: Sparkllet Beauty

Event Rentals: @Taylor_made_illustration

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