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White Mountains NH Engagement | Hannah + Michael

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Michael and Hannah are two of the most gracious and personable people I've had the pleasure of meeting. As a couple, there is no question that they're each other's match. Not only are they super playful and flirty with each other, but you can tell they have a mutual admiration and respect for one another. That combo is destined for lifetime love! We took their adventure engagement photos last summer and since their wedding is tomorrow, it's time to let these photos live in the blog!

I asked them some questions to get to know them as a couple, so now you can learn about them as well as I share their answers along with their photos!

mountainous engagement session in white mountains of NH

How'd you guys meet?

"We actually went to the same college but didn't know one another. In 2018, we met at a mutual friend's Halloween party, and exchanged text messages for a week or two, but it slowly died out. A few months later, that same mutual friend had a Christmas party where we met up again. After a few drinks, we approached one another to see why the other person had stopped the conversation. Turns out, we were both trying to play it too cool. One of our first official dates was to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to visit the Ansel Adams exhibit. We now talk about that date as the moment in time when we knew we were going to fall in love. We spent the night walking around the museum arm in arm, making fun of the snobbier looking couples and pretending to be art critics. It is still one of the best dates either of us have ever been on."

mount Washington waterfall engagement session

Their proposal story:

The proposal took place at Chatham Bars Inn over Easter weekend in 2022. Michael had pre-planned to have Hannah's family arrive in Chatham, Cape Cod, an hour before he and Hannah came to town. Michael's parents pretended to leave for a neighborhood friend's birthday party, but were actually heading to Chatham Bars Inn to take their position, along with the Gasperoni family, in hiding. Shortly thereafter, Michael told Hannah that he wanted to take a walk down to the beach across from the Inn before getting dinner together at the Inn's restaurant. So, the two walked down and took a stroll on the beach. At the tail-end of the walk, Michael took Hannah over to a pergola, located on the beach right across from the Inn. At this point, Michael's family and the Gasperoni family were in position at an overlook. Michael and Hannah had stood in this pergola in the past, playing out what it would feel like to get married. After a few moments, Michael got down on one knee and popped the question. At this point, both families cheered from the overlook as Hannah said "Yes!"

What are you most excited for for your engagement?

"Scenery, dancing, and seeing everyone we love coming together to celebrate with us!". They're tying the knot at Omni Mount Washington, so that scenery certainly will be top notch!

field with cathedral ledge in background engagement session NH

What does your perfect day look like?

"We would start the day with an epic hike at a National Park or in the White Mountain National Forest of New Hampshire. From there, transport to Boston's North End for an Italian feast (and an espresso martini), followed by a movie, cuddling, and our kitty falling asleep at our feet."

White Mountains Engagement Session

Naturally, for their engagement session we HAD to do them in the White Mountains! We started off hiking the first leg of Mount Washington to get to the epic waterfall shot you saw at the start of this blog. Then we hiked up to square ledge for the perfect sunset light before heading to a field that had Cathedral Ledge as a backdrop to cap off golden hour. It was such an epic night and I'm SO STOKED to photograph their wedding at Omni Mount Washington!

NH engagement session with cathedral ledge in the background

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