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Bull Creek Couple's Session | Tanmay & Anuja

I recently posted on Instagram that I needed a couple to model for me while I photographed them to get behind the scenes footage for a promo video. Tanmay reached out almost instantly and said how delighted they'd be to have the opportunity to work with me. Sold!

We planned for a morning session at Bull Creek so hopefully the late-summer Texas temperatures wouldn't be too fierce yet as well as having more freedom to move around the park without the usual crowds.

Approximately 0.2 seconds after arriving to Bull Creek, Tanmay's wife, Anuja, fell into the creek. The rocks can be slippery, and down she went. I wasn’t there to witness the fall, just the wet dress aftermath. But even though she got soaking wet before I had the opportunity to take a single photo, both her and Tanmay stayed in SUCH great moods. They spirits were elevated, they were smiley as could be, and just totally locked in on each other.

If I hadn’t seen the discoloration from where the satin got wet, I would’ve had zero idea anything happened. And that is RARE.

I know first hand - since halfway through the session... I fell.

I was scaling some boulders to get a better angle and DOWN I went. I gotta say - I think Anuja’s positivity encased me in a bubble as well to keep me laughing and brush it off. Especially since I landed on my camera - but my camera kept on trucking along like it didn’t just get squished and covered in mud. THANK THE CAMERA GODS. Thank you to Nikon for making an indestructible camera body.

OK - back to the session. The chemistry between Anuja and Tanmay is palpable. They communicate with their eyes and their smiles tell the story of their history. At one point Tanmay asked if I could capture the dimple that Anuja gets when she smiles at him and I had to sequester a squeal because THAT’S THAT LOVE THAT I LOVE. YES.

Tanmay shared with me that he wants to print out a few 4 foot by 5 foot prints (yes - feet!!) so I made sure to get a thousand and one photos of that dimple. I can't freaking wait to see them up on the wall!

It’s a really vulnerable thing to open up in front of a camera. I couldn’t have asked for a better morning capturing their vulnerability and relationship. I’m so thankful to be able to do this for a living.

PLUS - BONUS FUNSIES - Tanmay and Anuja brought me a bottle of wine and a card to congratulate me on my recent engagement. I was absolutely surprised and am so grateful for their kindness! I seriously have the best couples in the whole entire world!!!



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