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Nick and Joaquin's Mount Bonnell Proposal

Nick has that infectious kind of personality that makes you want to be best friends with him. From the second he reached out to me telling me he wanted to re-propose to his husband I was SO excited to meet them. The energy and joy shone through the phone.

He wanted to propose at Mount Bonnell because that was the place they had decided that they were going to elope the year prior. They never had a true proposal or engagement, they had just mutually decided to elope.

Mount Bonnell is I really popular spot to watch the sunset, so I had been a little nervous when Nick said he wanted to go there at sunset... on a Friday. BUT THEN on said Friday it rained all day. It rained, hard. The kind of storm that makes it look like it's the middle of the night in the middle of the day. Then, an hour before we were supposed to meet. It stopped. Bless. Mount Bonnell was empty. Plus, it made for some really cool clouds in the photos!!

I arrived, waiting for them & holding the spot clear, feeing like I was about to be re-proposed to (photographing proposals is one of theeeee most exciting things). Then - they appeared!! Joaquin was elated and didn’t see it coming AT ALL and was so thrilled to add another ring to his hand. He was just as kind and gracious as Nick - no surprise!!

They’re having a traditional wedding ceremony next September 4 - the same anniversary day!! And I’m sure their guest list is going to be LARGE because anyone who meets these two can’t help but love them. I wish them all the happiness in the world!!

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