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Mayflower Beach Engagement

Meet Mae and Patrick (and Sailor)!

engagement photos with dog on beach

They met in college and Patrick immediately knew he liked Mae.

In fact, he caught her eye across the bar and he made a bee line right to her (but it helps he knew the friend she was with!).

He asked for her number and kept trying to hold her hand and although Mae felt he came off a little strong at first, their mutual friend vouched for him that he was a good guy and to give it a chance.

A few days later they were at another party together where they ended up staying up all night chatting before getting breakfast together at 6am.

As Mae says it: "The hours flew by . I'd never hit it off with someone like that or spent so much time talking with someone I'd just met. It felt like we'd known each other for years. From there we hung out most days, were dating officially within 3 weeks and have really been inseparable ever since."

They now live together in the Cape and we decided to do a Mayflower beach engagement session since Mayflower Beach is a special place for them.

Mayflower Beach Engagement Session

I'm in love with their dog Sailor and am SO happy they included their pupper in photos! If you have a dog and are curious if they can be included in photos, YES!! Never leave the dog behind <3.

After taking some cutie photos with their pup one of their friends came to bring her back home so we could do more photos without worrying about where Sailor was.

We transitioned to a snuggly beach picnic with [sandy] cannolis. Whoops! That spring coastal wind may have ruined the cannoli's for them to eat but it sure made for some cute photos! I absolutely love when couples want to include an activity during their engagement photos.

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Cannoli Beach Picnic

Mayflower Beach Engagement Session

Lastly, they changed so we could take more photos when they're a little more dressy. I love the neutral outfits they chose as I feel like it enhances the nautical theme they were going for. A Mayflower Beach engagement session was the perfect location because the beach was totally empty, the dunes were plump from wind, and it was low tide to explore the tidal flats. Although it was chilly, it was so much fun frolicking on the beach with them!

I give each couple a questionnaire for their engagement session to share ideas with me. Sometimes couples aren't quite sure what they want to do or where they want to go. But Mae knew exactly what she wanted and I was so excited to bring her vision to life!

"If you have your engagement session all planned out, please tell me your ideas:

We'd like to do our photos at Mayflower Beach in Dennis, MA. I'd like to have our first outfits to be me in a dress and him matching the vibe of whatever my dress is. I haven't made a decision about if I'll do a classic flowy summery dress or something a little more elevated and glam or maybe even a tad retro (I have to do some mood-boarding on all of this to make a decision). I want our second outfits to be casual, either jeans and matching sweatshirts (maybe in 2 different colors but the same sweatshirt), or even a matching sweatsuit set in different colors. I want to do a beach picnic on a blanket with a south shore bar pizza and either ice cream or cannolis, and maybe end with some walking through the edge of the water pics in this casual outfit if we can tolerate it in April haha, I'm sure it will be freezing but I'm willing to suffer for the photos I want."

What do you think, did I pull her vision off?? If you're interested in hiring me to capture your engagement session, reach out and let's chat about your vision!



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