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Singing Beach Engagement | Sarah + Mike

couple in cute snuggly pose for engagement with golden light

Meet Sarah and Mike! From the moment I chatted with these two on our discovery call I knew I just HAD to be their photographer. We hit it off so well and I was super encouraged by their energy and love story. I'm so happy with how their engagement photos came out and I'm so, SO excited to photograph their wedding!!!

We took their engagement photos at Singing Beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea. It's such a dreamy beach for photos because not only is it a beautiful, seaweed-free coastline, but it also has a unique rocky backdrop that extends into the water for a really west coast type look. I love when beaches have a little bit more versatility than just sand and water to make the photos more interesting. Plus, golden hour at Singing Beach is just divine!!

Here are a few other sessions at Singing Beach if you'd want to see more:

In order to figure out where to do their engagement session, I asked them a few questions to learn about their vision. Here are their answers.

If you had a free day where you could go and do whatever you wanted, with no limits, what would you do together?

We love to travel together. We would love to do anything outside with a view - a sick hike in a national park, or ​a beach on a tropical island. Really anywhere with peace and quiet :) This is so important for our mental health in the nursing profession. Being outside together is our therapy :)

What type of location do you envision for your engagement session?

We think we are drawn to the beach for engagement pictures! I also LOVE a sunset/sunrise so that would be nice​ if we could get some good light (fingers crossed for the weather!!)

Then Sarah shared some photos of my previous sessions for the vibe she was hoping for and ultimately we decided that Singing Beach during golden hour would be the perfect fit for them!

What are you most excited for for your wedding?

We are honestly excited for everything. We can't​ pick one thing. We are super close to our family and friends, so we can't wait for everyone to be in one room together. I feel like this is so rare to happen. We are super excited for the ceremony, vows, to be married, and for the reception to celebrate!! We are also so hyped to get some unreal photos by our kick-ass photographer ;)

Hehe ❤️. I, too, am so hyped to get photos of my kick-ass couple!!!

I'm so grateful to have the best couples around!! If you're interested in working together for your engagement, wedding, or elopement, please reach out!

xx, Tam

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