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In-home Engagement Session | Unique Engagement Session | Ari + Jon

Some big moments in life happen all at once. Ari and Jon bought a house, then got engaged, then adopted to cats. So for their engagement session, it just made sense to do an in-home session in their new home to show it off!

Their neutral color pallet decor was perfect for a chill vibe. They dressed comfy and casual - what they'd probably be wearing even if they weren't getting photos taken. An in-home photoshoot should be a reflection of real life, so I love that they stayed true to themselves. Since we went with more of a lifestyle session, I prompted them through poses rather than having them smile at the camera. I tried to get them to engage in things they'd ordinarily do. Although if they were REALLY being themselves, the photoshoot would've probably been in the gym ;).

We spent time in their living room, kitchen, and bedroom. There was lots of snuggles and laughs, done dancing, some romance, and lots of trying to get the cats to cooperate!!

These two have such a sweet life ahead of them. I am so grateful I was able to capture this day in their story <3.

I had them snuggle with each other on the couch, and then we tried to get their cat to participate

but their cat wanted no part of the snuggle fest

For this photo I was standing on the couch to get a different vantage point to mix it up

having them continually change positions like sitting on the couch or on the floor gave lots of variety in the photos

I am obsessed with this photo! I love that she's so interested in the engagement ring

the iconic girl sitting on kitchen counter pose. And look at Jon's biceps! yee yee

kiss her neck a thousand times

cats got tricks

I really love this intimate moment

cutest people alive

and then their cat decided it was ok to join in on the snuggle fest again

we ended their session with some spicy romance since I know they're passionate people




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