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Bridal Session at Ho Chi Minh Trail in San Diego

A bridal session is a separate photoshoot before (or after!) your wedding that is an awesome way to make sure you get enough photos of you in your wedding dress. If you have a dope wedding day timeline you can factor in enough time for bridal photos, but oftentimes the day can feel stressed and rushed. So not only is a bridal session great to receive more photos, but in a more relaxed manor and with no fear that guests will see you. Plus, you're able to get photos in a different location! While some brides opt to have their bridal portraits done at the same venue as their wedding, others choose to do something a little more adventurous - like Katherine!

Katherine and I decided on Ho Chi Minh Trail in San Diego. It's the perfect amount of adventure without much effort, and not too far of a drive (for her). The trail begins in a neighborhood until you quickly get enveloped in rolling green hills with the view of the Pacific Ocean. Continuing along the trail brings you in two different directions: one leading to the beach, and one leading to the epic cliffside you see below. THOSE VIEWWWSSSS!

The path to the beach was a little hairy to do in a wedding dress. To be honest, the path up to this cliff was kinda scary too as you have to walk across a plank and use a rope to climb up a steep cliffside! Then not to mention the heights from this photo spot. BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT because look at this amazing view!!! Going for sunset was the absolute best time to go to capture the texture in the sky and it adds so much to the image. There is also an alternate path from this cliff along a ridge to a parking lot, which led us through the wildflowers and sand dune-looking walls. The Ho Chi Minh Trail is so so gorgeous and one of my favorite spots in San Diego!

Thank you so much to our partner Signature Bridal Salon for providing this beautiful wedding dress for this bridal session!!

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Would you like to do a bridal session, engagement photos, or elopement on the Ho Chi Minh trail in San Diego? Contact me!

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