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Updated: May 21

The Boston Public Gardens are an iconic Boston location. On a day there you might see people going on a leisurely stroll, taking the path as a shortcuts through the city, having picnics with family, feeding the ducks, or taking engagement photos like we did!

But on this cold, winter Boston day there was no other soul in sight. Boston in the winter is cold - of course. But the morning of Mike and Mikayla's engagement session, the temperature was in the single digits! Since we met for a sunrise engagement session, we were just begging the sun to rise over downtown Boston's skyline to give us some warmth.

Mikayla and Mike were such troopers though! You can't even tell they were cold except for the steam from their breath in some of the photos. But if you look closely at the photos below, you can see the ground is frozen solid! On the bridge there was one little patch of ground without any ice which they stood on to keep from slipping and sliding. Although the slipping did leave room for some funny photos.

You'd probably recognize the Boston Public Garden in engagement photos so easily in the spring or the summer. But in the winter, the park gives off a different vibe! The iconic willow tree doesn't have its leaves, the garden isn't in bloom, and the pond is frozen over. Check out the photos below then continue reading to get location inspiration for your next winter engagement session at the Boston Public Garden.

If you're considering taking your engagement photos at Boston Public Garden in the winter, here are 10 photo locations:

  1. On the bridge, of course! The couple standing in the center of the bridge makes way for awesome leading lines to draw your eye to the couple. Depending on which side of the bridge the photographer is on, you can have the skyline in the background.

  2. Have the couple stand on the bridge, but the photographer on the lawn below. It gives a different perspective for an otherwise typical photo

  3. Everyone stands on the lawn with the bridge in the background. It is so recognizable, it'll offer a wonderful variation.

  4. Walk along the path through the park until you find a pretty scenery. This would work anywhere if there are snow covered branches. However, if there was no snow like on our day, we found a willow tree with frozen branches to give some color in the background

  5. Sit or stand on the edge of the frozen Frog pond. Snuggle! Grab a blanket to keep extra warm. Make sure the pond and the skyline is in the background of the photos.

  6. The park is decorated for Christmas if you go in December. Spot the garland and pose next to it. Winter Christmas wonderland in Boston doesn't get much sweeter for engagement photos

  7. The pathway leading to the statue. Even though the statue won't be surrounded by flowers in bloom, the straight pathway is lined with trees and presents great leading lines.

  8. The golden ducks! See how silly you can get to incorporate them into the photos.

  9. If you venture out of the park, nearby there are tons of cafes. Warm up with some coffee and snuggles to get a different location and vibe mixed into your engagement photos

  10. Be very careful to make sure the ice is completely frozen through - if so, venture out onto the frozen Frog Pond and have some fun spinning and slipping around.

Q: "Do I need a permit to take my engagement photos at the Boston Public Garden?"

A: We won't need a permit if I just use handheld equipment or a tripod (which is usually all I use for engagement session). If we need supplemental lighting stands, a permit may be required. Drone photography is not permitted.

Q: "Can I bring my dog to Boston Public Garden for engagement photos?"

A: Yes and YES PLEASE! Furry friends are always welcome and encouraged in engagement photos! Just make sure to keep them on leash and bring along a friend to babysit them with the non-doggy photos.

Q: "Where do I park to visit Boston Public Garden for my engagement photos?"

A: There is no reserved parking for the park. There are garages nearby and also a metered street parking surrounding the park.

Q: "Can I have my wedding at Boston Public Garden?"

A: Yes, but you must first apply for a permit. It is $50 for residents of Boston. To read more rules and faq, visit https://friendsofthepublicgarden.org/our-parks/visit/park-faq/




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