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Best of 2018 | Yearly Recap of Photo Favorites

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Best of 2018

Oh man. What a year it has been. My 2018 was a year of growth, learning, creativity, and connections. I've realized photos that encompass action and emotion end up being my favorites, there is nothing better than natural light and true love, and working with people you trust is beyond important. I originally included ALL of my favorite photos from this year, but have *painstakingly* condensed it down to only 18 photos, to commemorate 2018. Enjoy!

Some stats:

25 weddings | 2 elopements | weddings in 3 states; Texas, Massachusetts, and New York.

My favorite wedding venue is Prospect House. Next year I hope to photograph a wedding at One Eleven East.

My top three favorite things I witness at weddings:

1. The look groomsmen give the groom as his bride walks down the aisle

2. When couples go back in for a second and third kiss after their “first kiss".

3. Eye rolls, pure embarrassment, and looks of acknowledgement during toasts.


The bride getting ready is often my favorite part of the entire day. There is a palpable excitement and nervousness. Parents cry, friends cry, the bride cries, sometimes even I cry. I could make a top 18 of just getting ready photos. This photo comes in at #18 because I love the old victorian look of the bridal suite paired with the color of the bridesmaid dresses.


I guess by my confession on the last photo you shouldn't be surprised another bride getting ready photo is next. I love the elegant look of this black and white photo. I also love it because I personally know Kasey, and she is the smiliest, nicest human being alive. So when I saw this photo where she wasn't smiling, I could feel the impact on what this moment meant to her. A few moments later she was headed outside for the first look with her groom, Mike.


Although Christian got some flack about his salt + pepper hair, I love the contrast and weather's strong presence in this photo. Oftentimes couples hope for sun and consider rescheduling when the weather doesn't deliver their expectations. But I love when you can see a photo and see that it's cold. You can see he's holding her not only because I told him to, but he's genuinely keeping her warm. But I think it's Kortni's smile that makes this photo on my top 18.


I could have made all top 18 photos this couple. Actually, I could've made all top 18 photos just the wall behind them. I love white, bright, minimalistic, modern venues. This is the venue Prospect House which got an honorable mention in my intro above. Nancy and Rick are a classic couple who will have a timeless love story. I love the ease between them two. Although Nancy was very nervous before the ceremony. Find Nancy again later on in this top list.


I spent the day with Kelsey (above) swapping stories, sharing goals, and photographing pretty people. It had been pretty chilly out that day so when we got back to her house and she saw that the fire was going she got so happy. It was the first time the stove had been lit. Tom walked over and lazily wrapped her in a big embrace. The love I felt between them just about knocked me over. I asked them to immediately just sit down where they were and to enjoy the fire. I needed to document this day in their love story forever. Sometimes as a photographer you create a beautiful moment, and sometimes you're lucky enough to capture one that presents itself in front of you. The absolute joy bursting out of the photo makes me so happy.


This was the first baptism I've had the pleasure of documenting. I hung out along the outskirts of the group the majority of the service but got nice and close for the actual baptism. From the dripping water to the absolute joy of Crystal and Michael's face, I knew this photo would make it on my top list the moment I saw it. This is a day the family will remember forever, and I'm so honored to be the who froze this moment in time for them.


I stole this "pig pile on the groom" idea from my previous mentor. It is always my favorite time I spend with the groomsmen. The shy guy's personality comes out, the extroverted guys are always SO excited, and the groom is totally unsuspecting. I set this up by asking to take a photo of the groom a couple feet in front of the groomsmen so the guys are a little out of focus. Then I go back to the groomsmen to "fix" someone and let the guys in on the plan. I return to take the photo as normal and just count to three. The heavy footsteps usually sends the grooms face from smiling to panic to jubilation. The entire series of this moment is incredible but I enjoy this one the most because of how happy the groom looks.


Jessica and Tyler moved from NYC to Austin in the fall. She sought me out on Instagram and asked to do a holiday/new city/one year anniversary photoshoot. I researched fun places we could go and was prepared to do a sort of photoshoot tour with them. I was NOT expecting how much fun we'd have together and how freaking modelesque they are. I'm pretty sure I didn't have to pose them once the entire day. One year in to marriage and they're still honeymooning. Goals! Also I think this could be a remake of the cover of A Star is Born.


When I originally entered the bridal suite at 7F Lodge I was a little disappointed to see how little natural light there was. But then I put my big girl photographer pants on and realized I could make some truly beautiful images with the powerful shadows. This perfume shot of Cassy may be my favorite photo of the entire day. There's motion, emotion, and uniqueness! All my faves.


Looking through a wedding gallery can be a little daunting. There are hundreds upon hundreds of photos. Photos that are just a little different, a little unique to a couple always make me pause. This is one of those photos. I had posed them all pretty in the doorway of this chapel, but then Cassy announced it was time for a whiskey break. She took Todd's flask (which he also gifted to his groomsmen- love!), and took a swig. I'm pretty sure this is the biggest smile Todd wore in any of his photos all day.


Let Love In

Our session was done. We were walking back to the car when this scene unfolded naturally. I stopped in my tracks and thanked my lucky stars my camera settings were already set for this light. The frame in the frame, the tribute to love, the way they're naturally holding hands without prompt- I LOVE IT. I'M LETTING THAT LOVE IN! I didn't even want to clone out the wallet she's holding just because the moment was so authentic. I feel like this should be number one. All of these could be number one. In fact, this couple DOES have the number one spot. Keep scrolling to see.


Have I mentioned how much I love good light yet? I love good light. I love real smiles. I love motion. This photo- the trifecta. This should be an American Eagle ad or something. HEY AE! Sponsor me, ya heard?


Right after a couple's ceremony is my absolute favorite time to get candid photos. The people closest to the bride and groom are all standing around, waiting for photos, interacting and smiling. Patrick showed off his new ring to his groomsmen and I just about died knowing I got the shot. You can look at this photo without any other context and know everything. Capturing a solitary photo that can tell a story is what it's all about.


Marshall, the groom, has a photo just as emotional, but I chose to share this one instead as Shay's father adds to the story. Emotion emotion emotion. When I delivered Shay's gallery, this is the photo she commented on first.


Austin Capital proposal in the pouring rain.


Drunkly official or officially drunk?


Nervous bride


Champagne Showers

Honorable mentions:

Goals for 2019

  • At least double 2018's bookings, which would be 14 weddings.

  • Photograph an adventure elopement in the mountains/National Park

  • Create an in-home studio

I wouldn't be where I am without the help of some very talented photographers. THANK YOU to Jillian Rollins, Heather Wise, Tim Waters, Lindsay Dennison, Samantha Walker, and Frank Garnica for giving advice, providing experience, listening, and mentoring. You're all MVPs. Also THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU to all of my amazing couples and families who trusted me to capture such special moments in their lives.

Thanks for taking the time to look through all of my favorite moments from 2018! Cheers to 2019!

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