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Stonehouse Villa Wedding | Driftwood, TX | Benito & Raydean

Updated: Apr 17

Congratulations to Raydean and Benito on their beautiful wedding celebration at the Stonehouse Villa in Driftwood, Texas!

Stonehouse Villa is a gorgeous little venue tucked away in the hill country of Texas. The large Oak trees and spacious fields are eye catching and makes the property so inviting. The stone buildings hold rooms with lots of character, including a bright and spacious bridal suite. The forecast called for rain but luckily it held off for the entire ceremony. The cloud cover kept a normally brutal, stifling Texas summer day surprisingly pleasant.

From the sparkling rose gold bridesmaids dresses to the customized frosting-drip cake, every detail was perfect.

Meet Benito.

Meet Raydean.

How’d you meet?

"We had known whom one another was for years, but weren’t friends per say. We officially ”met” at the gym, I was nearly done using an elliptical when he walked up and got on the one next to mine—it ended up being literally the longest time I’ve ever been on an elliptical! My legs were dead after that.

I knew he was the bass player in Jimmy Jones band (Texas country) and had gone to a show. When it was over I got a quick picture with him, and left to a friends party. He ended up going to that same party, and we talked for hours. 7, nearly 8 years later.... it was time to get married."

*Jimmy Jones sang their 1st dance at the wedding. Scroll down for a pic.

How/Where did he propose?

"After he asked my parents for permission they acted extremely awkward, and pretty much tipped me off that something was up. He had planned to propose while on a quick trip to Vegas... and then on a trip Colorado... but he never did.

He had the ring for 5 or 6 months and in the end, I killed it. I saw a turquoise ring box (Tiffany's!) and I opened my mouth... “what’s in the box?”. He ended up proposing right then and there. At home! No fireworks, no big surprise or hiding photographers. I’m still waiting for the re-do proposal....

How did you know he was “the one”?

Raydean: "It’s true what the say- opposites attract! I knew my hunny was “the one”, because I get so happy just looking at him, and get excited when he walks in. I love that he provides for me without giving a second thought."

Benito: "She brought sunshine on a cloudy day, and always does."

A week before the wedding, Raydean's father was hospitalized. Her mother joined his side and together the two of them watched R +B celebrate their love via iPad. Since they were unable to be at the wedding, Ray and Ben decided to make the ceremony a "celebration of love" and opted to exchange rings and vows at a later date, when her parents would be able to witness. Their absence was hard to bear and, although the day was joyful, it was filled with so much emotion. I was in awe at the sheer amount of love they received from their family and friends when they needed comfort the most.

^ Mom and dad watching via iPad from the hospital

^ Jimmy Jones!

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Check out some of the amazing vendors that helped make this day possible:

Wedding Dress: Circle Park Bridal Boutique Addison, TX

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Florist: HEB Blooms

Cake: Classic Cakes by Lori

Deserts/pies: Tiny Pies

DJ: DJ Connection

First Song Artist: Jimmy Jones Band

Photographer: Tamara Merri Photography

Catering: Trudys

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulus.com

Grooms Suit: Mens Warehouse, Ralph Loren Blue

Invitations: Visaprint

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