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Fern Hill Barn Wedding | Amanda + Chase

Did you hear? Zukas Hilltop Barn is now Fern Hill Barn! It's actually owned by Wedgewood Weddings as they have a whole host of weddings throughout the country.

I love the name Fern Hill Barn because every wedding client who I talk to about photos at the property is SO excited about taking photos with the beautiful ferns in the tree line along the entry driveway.

couple posing in the ferns and trees at Zukas Hilltop Barn / Fern Hill Barn in Spencer, MA wedding venue

Amanda was no exception! She actually hired me solely because she saw my photos from a previous wedding at Fern Hill Barn where I did where the couple was posing in the ferns.

Amanda and Chase's wedding was mid-October and we were a little nervous that the ferns would be dead, but they held on just long enough to let us frolick through the greenery goodness!

There are so many amazing photo spots for wedding photos throughout the Fern Hill Barn property like:

  • the ferns and trees

  • open field next to the bridal suite

  • garden next to the greenhouse

  • the greenhouse

  • field next to the rock wall outside of the reception tent

  • the view of rolling hills when facing the way you drive in

  • gazebo outside of barn

  • fence line and field on far side of the barn

  • the barn

  • so much more

PLUS, there are both a full bridal suite house as well as a secondary getting ready room in the barn!


OK ok so now let's talk about Amanda and Chase. This sweetie cutie couple became fast friends after our discovery call and solidified that friendship after their engagement session. Like, truly, Amanda and I have texted weekly about the book series we're currently reading and I love it so much!!! For her and Chase, not only can I see their true love and respect for each other, but they both exude joy! I love when couples "live out loud" and are willing to be their true selves (even though it can feel vulnerable!) so I can truly photograph their story.

Here's what they had to say about our experience at their wedding:

"Hands down, Tamara is the best!! She made our wedding photo dreams come to life and captured us in the most authentic way. She really cared about getting to know us as a couple and helped us in the planning process as well. Throughout the whole wedding, she made my bridal party, family and friends feel so comfortable and included. She allowed us to see moments that we weren’t a part of during the day and gave us pictures we will cherish forever. Tamara truly became our friend and we can’t recommend her enough!" - Amanda

So, without further adieu... their story!

Amanda & Chase's Wedding at Fern Hill Barn

Getting ready

While Amanda and her girls got ready in the separate bridal suite house, Chase and his guys hung out in the barn with the bar. It's so nice that each partner has their own space to be able to enjoy their morning without being cramped to just one room!! They exchanged letters and gifts before getting ready to head out for their first look.

First Look at Fern Hill Barn

Their First Look

The first time Amanda and Chase saw each other was so freaking sweet. I know how excited Amanda was for Chase to see her dress because it was so unique (those sleeves are amazing) and something she didn't expect to choose! Chase's reaction was glorious - totally stunned at how beautiful Amanda was and let a few tears fall. For this moment I'm totally documentary and just remaining quiet for them to fully soak in the moment. They were truly connected it was like we weren't even there!

After they took their time checking each other out and chatting about the day we headed to the ferns, of course!

Formal Photos

After frolicking in the ferns and having ourself a grand ole time, we met up with the rest of their wedding party and family to take some formal (and silly!) pictures so that way all the photos on their shot list were complete before the ceremony and everyone would be able to enjoy cocktail hour.

Outside Ceremony at Fern Hill Barn

Outdoor Ceremony

In true 2023 wedding season fashion, a storm was coming and so they needed to decide at the last minute whether they'd have the ceremony outside or not. They decided to go ahead and I'm so glad they did because all that greenery and that gorgeous floral arch on the gazebo was too beautiful to pass up. Plus, it didn't end up raining during the ceremony so, phew!

Their ceremony was so beautiful with a bunch of interaction between the priest and the guests as well as a bunch of laughs, and tears! At the end of their ceremony they had all of their parents and wedding parties come up to put a hand on them while they prayed over their marriage. It was so beautiful and I could see how meaningful it was to everyone was present.

Newlywed Portraits

Newlywed Portraits

Since we did the majority of their photos before the ceremony, we just popped out briefly afterwards to take some "just married" portraits and to let it all sink in!! We used the greenhouse (which was sooooo nice and warm since it was a pretty frigid October day) before heading back to cocktail hour.

Fern Hill Barn Wedding Reception

couple kissing under neon sign showcasing their last name

Vendor Team

Video: Kevin from Embark Films

Thanks for checking it out! Interested in hiring Tamara Merri Photography for your wedding at Fern Hill Barn? Fill out the contact form below, I'd love to hear from you!


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