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You deserve wedding photos that are as full of life as your relationship is!


based in Worcester serving greater New England & beyond

wedding photography for those who are

wildly in love and wild at heart

Whether you get married in a local venue or elope somewhere a bit more wild, make sure your wedding day is exactly what YOU want it to be. ​


You deserve a day that is full of love, fun, and authenticity. You deserve a wedding album filled with photos full of joy and real moments.

Have a big wedding or elope - get married how you want! I'm here to document your day in whatever capacity that may be.

meet your wedding photographer:

Hi friends- I'm Tammy and I was put on this earth to photograph your love story.

I have a thirst for adventure, passion for photography, and desire for connection. I want to know what the wedding day of your wildest dreams looks like. There is no set guideline for how you should get married.

I'll always go the extra mile to get that epic shot, I'll always be my weird self to try to make you laugh and be in the moment, and I'll always encourage you to do what is right for you. Let's go be happy, weird, & free and make beautiful memories & photos

tamara merri photography branded photo

"Tammy captured every moment of that day in photographs that we absolutely CHERISH!! She made everyone feel at ease, found our goofy little moments and somehow knew just how to bring out everyone's personalities in the funniest, most heartwarming, endearing photos we could ever have imagined. She didn't just take photographs, she told our story.  "



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