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Why your "just a little wedding" this year matters

It's ok to mourn your postponed - or canceled - wedding plans. God knows I've mourned all the weddings that I was supposed to photograph this year.

But I keep hearing people down play the day their new wedding plans for this year.

Your wedding this year matters. Yes, the one that you put a disclaimer before by saying it's "just a little thing". The one that you overshadow by saying "our real wedding is postponed to next year!!"

Your ceremony this year IS your real wedding.

I know, it's probably not the wedding you dreamed of. But it is the reality of the situation we are in - and it is your real wedding. Your "little thing" will be the date that you celebrate every year for the rest of your marriage.

The day you say "I do" is more than the traditions you attribute to it.

Maybe when you think of your wedding you get excited about your dress, the venue architecture, or your flower installments. Maybe you can't wait to reunite with old friends, meet your partner's extended family, pose for photos, and dance the night away.

And there's nothing wrong with any of that. All those things are super exciting. But the main priority should be that you and your partner tell each other that you want to spend the rest of your lives with each other. You make that commitment to each other.

It's GOOD to want to create a day full of love and excitement. It's a big day and it should be commemorated in a way that suits your relationship.

BUT by saying that THAT day doesn't matter - the "just a little thing" where you officially become married - and instead put more attention on the party... that's doing yourself, and your marriage, a disservice. Because that day matters. It's the only thing!


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