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Prospect House : The Best Natural Light Wedding Venue in Austin

Prospect House is a chic, modern wedding venue in Dripping Springs Texas - just about half an hour south of Austin. The entire property of Prospect House is amazing. It has the most beautiful natural light throughout the reception area, a unique outdoor ceremony space featuring a recognizable square backdrop, and so many elements that add character like the modern industrial touches, a flower wall you can customize, and tons of trails with beautiful wildflowers.

front entrance when driving into prospect house
The view when you drive into the parking lot

the ceremony area at prospect house. white chairs set up looking at the alter space. the alter has three steps to the top and then a large white square installation. it is just an outline of a square so that you can see through the middle to the field beyond
the ceremony space

You can decorate the white square with flowers or whatever else to make the altar customized to your day.

reception area at prospect house. white walls and ceiling. gray cement floor. lots of long wooden tables. great natural light.
the indoor reception area

The reception area is large, with a wall of windows on the left side which provides beautiful natural light. On the opposite wall (which you can see in the photo above) there is a small line of windows across the room to provide a little more light as well as privacy.

a different view of the reception area
view from the other side of the room

the breezeway at the wedding venue. you see tall windows the length of the wall as well as a white wall decorated with flowers
customized flower wall in cocktail area/breezeway

The flower wall! The flower wall at Prospect House can be completely customized. Each flower/plant is in its own test tube through a little block of wood. Aside from individual flowers, I've also seen a larger flower installation or even a string design! The flower wall is in between two doors that lead to the reception area room.

white wall decorated with individual plants all spaced out evenly. flower wall at prospect house

a bright, white room with tall windows, an industrial ceiling, and event rental furniture to decorate for a wedding

The cocktail hour/ breezeway is often decorated with furniture you can get from an event rentals company. Consider pairing up with an event rentals company to transform the space into something totally unique!

This breezeway separates the bride/groom suites from the reception area. On either side are two large sliding garage/barn doors that lead to the ceremony space and the parking lot. This area is not air conditioned as the walls are just screens. It allows a wonderful breeze and beautiful natural light

bride and groom posing with their faces almost touching in front of tall windows. beautiful natural light

Down the hallway leading to the bride/groom suite is smaller and has another swivel door on that end which leads out into the field & gorgeous property of Prospect House. See below for a photo of that hallway, and then the photo right after that is on the other side of that swivel door.

silhouette photo of bride and groom walking away from the camera in a hallway

bride and groom hugging outside of prospect house wedding venue with trees and long grass in the foreground

I love the industrial look of the outside of the building at Prospect House. The neutral colors make for the perfect backdrop to incorporate into some of your wedding photos to help tell the story of your day!

bride and groom photo outside of industrial wedding venue
behind the venue. behind me in this frame is the ceremony space

These unique long windows at Prospect House are super cool. Another great photo op at this spot is if the couple goes inside, then I press my camera up against that window. There is a little long hallway (between two bathrooms) that makes for a cool leading line "tunnel" photo!

groom portrait leaning against white wall covered in plants
the flower wall makes for perfect photo ops!

Honestly one of my very favorite parts of Prospect House is the flower wall. It's such a unique element and so incorporating it into your photos is a must! See the photo below for another method to include them!

bridal portrait leaning against white wall covered in plants

bride nervously picking at her fingers before the wedding. standing in front of white wall with plants

reception area detail shot. long wooden tables with a white chiffon table runner, gray candles, and little glass vases with small assortment of flowers. amazing natural light

I love the soft light in the reception area at Prospect House. Their detail elements of chiffon and grey, white, and green theme only enhanced the softness of the area!!

cocktail hour table with plants, in front of the white flower wall

wedding dress hung up on the flower wall at prospect house

fan on the ceiling of the reception area at a wedding venue. the circular fan is covered in white ribbon and ivy. amazing natural light
the unique "fan" in the reception area can be customized to suit your decor

white and green bridal bouquet

white and green bridal bouquet. bride is holding bouquet but the her head is not showing in the photo. it's from her shoulders to her knees

close up photo of a groom's arms wrapped around bride. the bride's hands are on the grooms so that you can see her wedding ring

fun groomsmen photo. all groomsmen jump at the same time

close up detail shot of wedding reception details. gray candles are lit, there is a white chiffon table runner, white plates, and empty glasses

close up detail shot of white chiffon table runner at wedding reception. amazing natural light

candlelit wedding reception

Are you considering getting married at Prospect House? Contact me today to photograph your wedding!



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