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She Said Yes! | Sara & Adam Proposal

Proposal Story

Sara and Adam are engaged!!! I absolutely love photographing proposals. They're one of the most exciting things to photograph in my opinion. To be privy to the secret, so much anticipation for what's about to happen when the girl (usually) is oblivious. It's like I'm a psychic, knowing what the future holds.

I met Sara through Facebook back in a February when I was looking for a couple to model for me. You might recognize them from this rooftop session blog and behind the scenes video. We hit if off and stayed in touch!

Adam reached out to a few weeks before this proposal via instagram to say he wanted to propose to Sara and wanted me to photograph it!!! Weeee!!!! We decided on when and where (Berry Springs Park in Georgetown) before I reached out to Sara pretending like I wanted them to model for me again.

I met up with Adam beforehand to go over exactly where we'd be, and how he wanted to propose. We considered a few things like:

  1. I could ask if Sara brought a fake ring (I asked this during their first modeling session back in February). When Sara inevitably said no, Adam would say "well, I have one"

  2. I'd ask them to begin the session connecting, making eye contact, and prompt each one of them to say what they love about each other. When it was Adam's turn, he'd naturally propose

  3. I'd have Sara's back to Adam for a bear hug pose. This is the situation we ended up going with.

I had Sara face the camera, and Adam behind her to wrap her in a big bear hug. I had him do it once, but then I wanted to pose them so that I could see their side profiles when he dropped to a knee, and wanted Sara's face towards the sun (since it was a cloudy day) so I asked them to repeat it again, but in a different direction. Well, that second time Sara never stopped looking over her shoulder so she saw it the moment he dropped to his knee!! SURPRISE!!

Walking towards "the spot"

She has a knowing look, but she doesn't know

Sara turned around to find Adam down on one knee

The face you make when you realized she was lied to about the session hahaha



do you think she remembers what he said?

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Sara spotted her best friend who was hiding in the bushes to film their proposal

said best friend

ohhhh that ring tho

this is happiness

this is joy

show me your ring!!! Also can you spot some rain drops?

I love this! Such a real moment

this is love

Cutie patooties. We took some engagement photos before the skies opened on us

one of my all time favorite photos ever

Potential save the date photo?! I love this field. Berry Springs in Georgetown, Texas!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen two people so happy 😭. So grateful I’m able to capture these moments!! ❤️

Are you planning to propose? Email me and I can help you plan the where, what, whens!



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