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Pose & Prompt ideas for your next in-home session

The one you’ve been waiting for:

pose ideas for couples other than smiling at the camera

Three static pose ideas :


One person lean against the couch. The other person will be in between their legs with their back against the other person’s chest. The person in between their legs should turn slightly & scoot down so you aren’t blocking the other person’s head. Now, interlace your fingers. Give each other a little squeeze. Feel how safe you are in your home during this time.


Lay on your tummies & forearms with your faces at the foot of the bed. Interlace all of your fingers. Lock eyes & try to guess the number in the other person’s head.


Sit on the couch facing each other. One person drape their legs over the other person’s (whether straddled or just over one leg). Learn your heads together in a way that feels natural and comfortable.

Three fluid/prompt pose ideas:


Get in one of the above poses. Then at the same time, each of you say your fave thing about the other person the way Yoda might say it


Switch back and forth between slow dancing and swing dancing every 3 seconds.


Get in static pose #2. Each of you try to roll on top of the other person. The goal is you want to be the person on top.

Which pose or prompt do you like most?! Comment to tell me!




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