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Newport's Cliff Walk Proposal

GIF of a couple using sign language to converse for proposal

Dominique and Janelle met ten years ago, and D says that she knew J was the one for her from the very beginning. They're really open with each other and talked about marriage for a while. In fact, Janelle is the one who found my photography page and sent it to Dominique saying that she'd like me to capture their proposal!! I think it's really special that although the proposal itself wasn't a surprise, the whole day was planned by D for it to be a mystery to J.

Dominique contacted me several months ago with her plans to propose. She reached out well in advance of her July 5th proposal since both her, and Janelle, are deaf people! I have never photographed a deaf couple before, not do I know sign language, but was so humbled and excited for this opportunity!! She wasn't quite sure where she wanted to propose, but knew they definitely wanted to be near the water. We talked about a bunch of opportunities all along the New England coastline and even some lakes inland like Echo Lake Beach in NH and Lovers Leap in CT. Ultimately she decided that Forty Steps at the Cliff Walk in Newport, Rhode Island was the perfect spot to propose.

Newport Cliff Walk proposal

If you've ever visited the Cliff Walk in Newport before, you know how busy it can get - especially Forty Steps! It's a beautiful overlook of the Atlantic Ocean off of Newport's shoreline. So I was shocked that when D + J walked down and got to the platform at the bottom, everyone cleared the area naturally! Plus, some bystanders learned what was happening and waited to go down the steps until after the proposal, and one even filmed it for them!! So sweet. Proposing in public like this is so exciting because everyone in the area also gets so excited!

proposal at newport's cliff walk

Dominique didn't get down on one knee, but instead revealed the ring box as they were talking. The stone is a beautiful heart shaped diamond with smaller diamonds forming a halo around it.

After their proposal, from Forty Steps we continued down onto the rocky coastline of the Cliff Walk for a few photos before heading back up so D+J could change into matching shirts shirts that said "Just Love Her" with a nike swoosh. Afterwards we walked along the Cliff Walk's shady path. It was a HOT day, plus it was at 4:30 in the afternoon, so the sun was still pretty high in the sky; that shade was necessary!

rocky coastline forty steps newport cliff walk engagement session

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excited photo of girls holding up new engagement ring after proposal
black and white photo of couple embracing with hand on back of head to clearly show new engagement ring

Are you interested in a Newport Cliff Walk proposal? Or maybe are considering proposing elsewhere and want it photographed? Contact me and let's get your plan in motion!



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