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Carly & Adriel Hill Country Casitas Elopement | Texas Elopement Photographer

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Carly and Adriel were supposed to get married on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. They planned out a big celebration with 300 guests and planned to do a Second Line and everything.

Instead, they eloped at Hill Country Casitas in Dripping Springs, Texas with only their families present. Carly told me beforehand that she hadn't seen her family since before the quarantine. So this day was not only their wedding, but a wonderful reunion as well!

bride and groom stand on alter sharing vows. you can see all their guests behind them

Their story:

"Adriel and I met in a very unconventional setting. Well, unconventional for us since we both consider ourselves “old school”. We were both looking for someone special, someone to love. It did not take us long after our first few messages on an online dating app to realize we had so much in common. I used to think love at first sight was something only seen in movies but oh is it real. We fell in love and we fell hard. We share a love for our dogs, family and most of all our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Now here we are a year and a half later and we want to invite all of our friends and family to join us to celebrate this love so that we can start our happily ever after."

bride and groom kiss under the cathedral veil

Hill Country Casitas is a cool little venue because everyone has their own "casita". Each casita is like their own little tiny home but super modern and new; with great light and high ceilings (which makes my photographer heart happy!). And it's great because they are secluded and private so you don't have to worry about accidentally seeing each other through the windows.

Carly got ready with her family; everyone had their own "job" to do - one sister put on her garter, one zipped her dress, one put on her veil, and the last her bracelet. Her mom helped her put on her earrings. Then, she had her emotional first look with her dad, who then proceeded to help her into her shoes. It was truly a family affair and was such a sweet beginning to their day.

bride surrounded by her sisters while getting ready for her elopement
dad putting on bride's shoes before her wedding ceremony

After they were ready, Carly and Adriel did a no-look-first-look where they held hands on the opposite side of the door. They read each other love letters out loud but made sure not to see each other. They saw each other for the first time during the ceremony.

bride and groom stand on each side of a closed door holding hands for their no look first look before their wedding
bride and groom stand on each side of a closed door holding hands for their no look first look before their wedding. you can see the groom mostly and he is smiling really big
bride and groom stand on each side of a closed door holding hands for their no look first look before their wedding. you can see the bride mostly. she has her eyes closed, listening to the groom read a letter to her

The ceremony was beautiful. The each read personalized vows to each other, Carly presented Adriel's son with a gift and vows for him, and they took a shot with all their guests to conclude the ceremony. The officiant, Shelly from Short and Sweet Weddings, was an absolute dream to work with. After Carly and Adriel exchanged rings, she had them show off their new bling to their guests which made for a perfect photo op!!

a photo of the wedding ceremony scene. you can see the couple on the alter, the guests standing in attendance, and the view of the hill country. the wedding is at Hill Country Casitas in Dripping Springs, Texas
bride and groom stand on altar looking out at their guests. the photographer was standing with the guests, so the couple is looking out towards the camera
the bride shows off her new ring after the ring exchange during their wedding ceremony
the groom shows off his new ring after the ring exchange during their wedding ceremony
the bride and groom celebrate walking back down the aisle after pronounced husband and wife. they are holding hands and the bride has bouquet raised high in the air. you can tell she is saying "wooo!". guests are in the background, on either side of them, waving ribbons

After the ceremony Ears with Beers came - the cutest beer burro bartenders!! They were a huge hit with the kids. We snapped some family photos and couples photos before everyone sat down to eat. They all shared two long family style tables, with food from Thin Blue Smokery BBQ Catering.

the wedding couple pets donkeys, which don flowers and baskets filled with beer. they are called beer burros and they came from the company Ears With Beers
newlywed portrait. the bride and groom are walking hand in hand smiling at each other after their elopement. they're walking on the grass on the property at Hill Country Casitas in Dripping Springs, Texas
Hill Country Casitas reception pavilion. guests are seated along one long table and everyone has their glasses raised in the air after a speech

The pavilion at Hill Country Casitas has the most beautiful, expansive view of the hill country. As they ate, their guests said some impromptu speeches, they cut their wedding cake, and ended the night with a sparkler circle first dance. It was a beautiful wedding day and I'm so grateful to have been included as the only non-family member to tell their story!!


They're planning to still get married in New Orleans at a later date once the coronavirus isn't a threat and I can't wait for them to have that epic day!!


Dress: Lulus

String Musicians/DJ: Altared Weddings and Events

Beer Burros: Ears with Beers

Catering: Thin Blue Line

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