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The Best Proposal Locations in Austin for Photos | Austin Wedding Photographer

Updated: May 28

If you're going to hire a photographer to capture your proposal, make sure you choose the right location. Consider one of these Austin staples

  1. Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk

  2. Lady Bird Lake East Trails

  3. Austin Capitol Building

  4. Palmer Events Center

  5. The Long Center

  6. Doug Sahm Hill

1. Lady Bird Boardwalk

When you think of Austin you might think of live music and BBQ. And the skyline probably comes to mind too!! Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk is a great place to get photos of your proposal. It's nonchalant enough to be taking a casual walk so your partner will be unsuspecting, it is super pretty, and it has multiple turn offs to get off the main boardwalk to have a private/less crowded area to drop down on one knee.

Lady Bird Lake Boardwalk

2. Lady Bird Lake East Trails

Austin's Lady Bird Lake is a super popular spot for everything. It's the main water source in Austin so you KNOW when that heat comes in the summer it's going to get busy. If you want the lake in your photos, but not the crowds, opt for the east side of the lake. The trails all link together but the east side is the least used trail system. It has all the beauty of the water and greenery, but downtown is a little further away. There is a small parking lot for easy access.

East Side Lady Bird Lake

3. Austin Capitol Building

Austin's Capitol Building is gorgeous. The path leading to the building is lined with trees and lampposts which makes a photographer's heart happy. Aside from the main path there is a manicured lawn which is great for engagement photos immediately following the proposal. Plus, right across the street there are tons of bars and entertainment to celebrate!

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Austin Capitol Building

4. The Palmer Events Center

I mean - can you go wrong with that view?! Aside from being a fantastic view of the Austin skyline, it is close to other parks to take engagement photos right afterwards as well as being close to entertainment and restaurants if you want to celebrate within walking distance. This is another spot that is great because it is an unsuspecting location as well a having parking close by.

Palmer Events Center

5. The Long Center

The Long Center is right next to the Palmer Events Center. If you're planning to propose at one or the other, you can make a game time decision based on the crowds. The Long Center has a different view from the Palmer Events Center because it is up the hill. Thus, you get an unobstructed view of the city. They also have a large white curved overhang with pillars which can look awesome in photos, as well as this "light up checkerboard" as I call it that you can see below.

The Long Center

6. Doug Sahm Hill

Another area that is also right near the Long and Palmer Center is Doug Sahm Hill. This hill is right in the middle of Butler Park. It's smaller than the other locations, and can be crowded depending on the time of day, but it has another amazing view of the city. One perk of this location over the others is that right by it is a ground water fountain that you can run through, a small pond with docks, flowers, and trees for easy engagement follows right afterwards.

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Doug Sahm Hill

Have another great recommendation for an Austin proposal location? Comment to let me know!

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Here are some more of my favorite photo from the sessions after the initial proposal: 



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