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Brady's 1st Birthday | Worcester, MA

Updated: May 21, 2020

Happy birthday Brady!

I'm so happy to have been part of celebrating

this cutie's first birthday!

By now, you have probably seen "cake smash" pictures circulating Facebook and Pinterest. It's quickly becoming one of the cutest events to photograph for a baby's first birthday. No birthday is complete without cake! Parents can buy or make a small cake (substitute ripe bananas for flour for a healthier option and for optimal smooshiness) and then let the kid go to town.

Brady's mom, Jess, warned me beforehand that he may not be interested in cake since he's never had anything like it before. She was right- at first. Brady seemed much more interested in the balloons, the lighting, our dog, and basically everything else except for the cake.

What cake?

After a couple minutes though, once Brady noticed the strange squishy delicacy in front of him, there was no turning back. Besides shoveling it into is mouth, his favorite thing to do was to submerse himself in it and then crawl all over the place.

His body and my floor were deliciously messy

Judging from the picture below, I think it's safe Brady has quickly discovered a love for cake. I can just see a thought bubble coming from his head: "OHH MY GOSH I LOVE CAKE!!!"

Life is short, take the biggest piece.

On second thought, just eat the whole cake at once.

Jess and Ben joined in on the fun and mess

Brady even shared his cake

I can't wait to do more shoots for this adorable family!

You can view more moments here.

I'd love to stay and tell you more but....

Interested in scheduling your own cake smash? Contact me!

- Tam

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