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In-Home Lifestyle Photoshoot

in home lifestyle photoshoot with dog

What is an "in-home lifestlye photoshoot"?

Well, it's where you and your family get photos in your own home (or curated studio if your home is less than stellar) to show your "real life" and dynamic with each other in an authentic way.

BAM - starting it off with all the buzzwords! Words like "lifestyle" and "authentic" are all the rage right now... but for a good reason!

So much of our lives has been curated and presented to our peers for likes. I could easily spiral about this topic but I'll curb it right here by saying it's just SO REFRESHING (for both you and me) to show up as you are to receive photos of everyday life. Who you are is rare and amazing and you don't need to present yourself as anything other than you. These photos are for YOU.

couple playing with deck of cards and their dog

What kinds of lifestyle photos do you get from an in-home photoshoot?

Some in-home photoshoots can be an all day affair. Literally just spend the entire day together doing your normal stuff and I'll photograph it. You get the lifestyle, generic, candid moments told in an artful way through my lens. There's so, so much of our everyday lives that doesn't get documented. Some it's totally fine not to have photos of. But when you're older, aren't you going to miss the visual of seeing your little boy on his tippy toes standing on his dinosuar themed stool to brush his tiny little teeth? Or the way your dog eats up all the carrots your toddler passes him from her highchar? Or how your kids always play "hot lava" when running from room to room?

In-home photos are the nostaglic memories you'll reach for later on when life looks different.

If you don't have the time, patience, or budget for an all day documentary approach, an hour session can be nice to grab some lifestyle moments of your fam in situations you often find yourself in. Think: snuggling on the couch, running around the backyard, cooking together... those kind of big everyday things. These photos aren't meant to be posed, but we'll prompt the activity to ensure we capture what your aim is for the lifestyle session.

What about a session in-studio instead of in-home?

Whether your house looks less than stellar for photos, doesn't have much light, or you don't want a stranger to come into your house, then consider a studio instead. If you want the familiar memories, but not the familiar environment, a studio / airbnb / vrbo is a great solution. The memories and interactions can still be real, just in a little bit more of a curated environment. Just because we aren't taking photos "in-home" doesn't mean it's not authentic still.

couple dancing during in-home photoshoot with dog

Take Christina and Nathan for example. We met at a studio for their session. Christina wanted an in-home lifestyle photoshoot to document some things they do to gether as a family fairly often but never get photos of. They like to play cards, they dance around the house, and spend some quality time with their pup. So that's exaclty what we did together and I couldn't be more obsessed with how these photos came out from their mini session!!



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