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Where to Elope in Maine

Maine is THE BEST. It's such a gem tucked away as the most northeastern state and few people have the pleasure of visiting, let alone claiming it as the state they eloped in. Maine sees the first rays of daylight in the continental United States. Venture to Maine and you'll find yourself in awe of the rugged, rocky coast, the endless greenery, a stunning National Park, adventures around every bend, and maybe you'll even see a moose! Plus, lobster. C'mon.


When you decide to elope in Maine I'm your girl whether you have your elopement plan all figured out and just need to hire a photographer or if you want help with the entire planning process.


The Elopement Process

Holy moly you're considering eloping in Maine! I'm so psyched for you. I can't wait to hear your ideas and vision and help you make it a reality.

Working with me means not only will you receive stunning imagery of your story, but you'll have a buddy to bounce ideas off of, help you plan, and network on your behalf. 

I know first hand what it's like to plan an elopement which is why I'll provide you with my 100 page elopement guide to help you  every step of the way! Plus you'll get customized questionnaires and location scouting guides for Maine so we can choose exaccccttlyyy where you want to elope!

Are you ready to get the adventure started?


Things to keep in mind when eloping in Maine:

  • Will you need to obtain a permit for your ceremony location? 90% of Maine is privately owned. For instance, if you plan to elope in Acadia National Park, you'll need to apply for a permit with the park. 

  • In Maine, there is no waiting period from the time you get your marriage license til the time your ceremony can take place! However, the license is only valid for 90 days. 

  • Anyone can marry you in Maine. If you want a friend to get ordained online for free in two seconds, they can marry you. You just need the officiant and two witnesses to sign and you're good to go!

  • The weather can be unpredictable. Make sure you plan for cold weather even in the summer.

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Ready to start planning your Maine Elopement with me?!

If not Maine, where else?

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