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Spin me right round, baby | Photo Project | Austin, Texas Photographer

Updated: May 11, 2020

Right round like a record, baby.

Woohoo, welcome to photo project installment #2! I've been brainstorming different ideas for these monthly projects, but this actually wasn't one of them. I didn't even intend to do a photo project this day but a fellow photog friend wanted to do a downtown photo shoot. We couldn't arrange any models so who better to turn to than beautiful, unsuspecting strangers!

I wish I could've read their minds when I approached them with my too-fast, too excited "hi-you-guys-are-so-cute-can-I-take-a-photo-of-you?.....spinning?" After some confusion and blushing, everyone parted ways happier and with bigger smiles than when we met them.

That's what it's all about really, to find a way to brighten someone's day.

Meet our fellow spinners:

Couple numero uno were taking a walk after brunch. Her dress was made to spin and clearly so was he! Look at his hand in his pocket, super relaxed, just watching his love soar. They didn't hesitate for even a second when we asked if we could take their photo. They probably have to bat off the paparazzi on the daily on account of looking so glam.

Next were the Zamora's. I wish we could've hung out with them all day. I gave them no direction except to spin... and OH DID THEY SPIN. It's like they saw us from afar and choreographed their routine. He spun her around super fast continuosly and then dipped her into the most perfect dip of all time. Look at that stance! Professional dipper written all over it. Y'all, let me photograph your love everyday.

Our third couple look like they belong in a catalog. They probably roll out of bed camera ready. I couldn't NOT approach them when Kirsten was wearing such an adorable dress. Her beau was reluctant to be involved at first but just look at that grin. I'm certain he's glad he took the time for a couple spins and smiles. I've wanted to capture a couple photo in front of the Capitol for quite some time so YAY for finally getting one. Next on the list: a dip photo at night. Kirsten + beau, interested?!

I spotted these two from afar sharing a special, quiet moment on the bench. So naturally I had to interrupt it to freeze the moment forever. They had such chemistry between them it was palpable. I asked how long they'd been dating and they informed me it was only their second official date but they've been best friends for a year. WHAT?! You guys- ugh, perfect. Can I follow you around and document your love story?

Oh lawwwddyy I love the absolute poise captured here. Turns out Chelsea is a model (peep her IG @chelseabucklew) so it's no wonder they're picture perfect. Heeeeeey Chels, lets collaborate!

Stop the cuteness! Mother + Daughter Goals. Their happiness is off the charts. I don't think I even finished asking if they'd be willing to participate before this little one excitedly started spinning herself. I think they may still be out there spinning, grinning ear-to-ear.

There was no better way to end our day than having the University of Wisconsin men's rowing team more-than-happily agree to be part of the project. When I asked them to pair up and spin, I honestly thought I'd get some major side eye. NOPE. They were super willing, even more so than some of the couples. I love that they had their own ideas and ran with them; the guy in the back is spinning two people and the the shortest guy is spinning the tallest guy up front. He was doing a damn good job with those ups... uuuuuuntil he wasn't. This wasn't part of their itinerary but I'm sure it spiced up their Capitol tour.

Spinners, contact me for your photos!

I usually ask every couple I do a photo shoot with if they'll spin, dip, tickle or just walk- anything to encompass motion. Not only does the couple have more fun, but the photos are more natural and it helps to tell their story. Women have told me spinning makes them feel ladylike and graceful. Men say they enjoy watching their partner have fun. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Are you recently engaged? Congrats! Contact me to set up an engagement session and let's get your spin on!

Special thanks to Samantha, owner/photographer of Rosey B. Photography for the behind the scenes shots.



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