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I'm getting married!

Hi friends! I'M GETTING MARRIED! To the best guy in the whole world.

If you're friends with me on Instagram, you've seen my posts and my attempts to incorporate my engagement ring into every story. I can't help it. I'm so excited and IT IS BEAUTIFUL. I'm so happy to finally be engaged after dating my stud for almost five years!!

The first photo we took after he proposed

This blog is on a more personal note - I'm going to share our proposal story. HERE WE GO!!

Friday, August 28th Paul and I were in South Padre Island, Texas for a little getaway. Although Paul proposed at sunset, I want to start the story at lunchtime, just to give an idea about our relationship dynamic.

We were having drinks by the beach and this little propeller plane kept circling overhead, dragging one of those long banners advertising some lunch special at a local restaurant. Paul kept pointing it out every time it came back around, so I casually said "why do you keep pointing it out? Is the banner different? Does it say "Tammy will you marry me?". He just chuckled. He's used to my casual hey-when-are-you-going-to-propose comments.

You might be cringing, but we are pretty open with this conversation!! I mean, we went ring "shopping" together back in January so it's not like it's some big secret. (and ps - this is a ginormous life decision - I think it SHOULD be talked about openly). Anyways, in hindsight, it's like c'mon Tammy will you please shut up you're about to get engaged in 5 hours.

(video below is from when I finally got my hands on my DSLR 0.5 seconds after getting home)

Ok. So. Fast forward to dinnertime.

We go to the Painted Marlin in South Padre Island. It was an open air restaurant on the west side of the island (the non-gulf side). We had an awesome view of the sunset and the food was friggin BOMB. But Paul seemed to be a little disappointed with the place. He was making comments about how he thought it was going to be nicer. So instantly I had alarms going off in my brain. He never makes comments like that. So I'm on high alert, and notice he's just expressing a lot more things than normal (he's a fairly quiet guy). I'm not usually this paranoid lol. It's just that whenever we are on vacation, it's always in the back of my mind that it could happen.

So after dinner he mentions he wants to walk along the beach for sunset. But first, he needs to put his phone in the car, and instructs that I wait for him, and not come with him. At this point I'm all smirky face because I know what he's doing. Soon enough we find out that the west side of the island doesn't have a beach. It's the marina side so there is just a row of piers, and then a big field.

He suggests we walk away from everyone to this little dock next to a parking lot. (He wanted to propose without anyone else around). So we sit down at a picnic table, and almost immediately this guy drives up and parks SUUUUPER close to where we're sitting. Of course! He's sitting there eating in his car and Paul is noticeably agitated. Mister Fries is over here ruining the mood. Then this couple is putting their boat in the water, and some people are walking by. I might not have noticed any of this except for the fact that Paul is about to break his neck the amount of times he's surveyed the area.

Thankfully, eventually everyone is gone and the sunset is poppin. Paul suggests I go out onto the dock so he can take a photo of me. Well, actually at first he suggests I go take a picture with this stray cat, to which I replied, "I don't want a photo with it. Do you want me to take a picture of you?". LOL I'm just evil. So anyways, he asks to take a photo of me and internally I'm like AHHHH because Paul NEVER asks to take photos. Like he actively tries to avoid them (perfect to be engaged to a wedding photographer....?). So, I reluctantly agree to go out onto the dock and suggest that I face the sunset so my back is to the camera and he's like YES GREAT IDEA. Smirky face.

The photo Paul took right before he proposed

So I'm turned around for what seems like forever, or maybe I'm just keenly aware of what's happening behind me because omgomogmgomomgomgomg. He finally says "ok!" and I turn around and see him down on one knee, holding the most beautiful ring, with the BIGGEST SMILE I have ever seen on someone's face. He looks so freaking happy. And even though I suspected that he'd be on a knee when I turned around, it still was such an overwhelming sight. I just melted into tears and collapsed into a hug.

My brain was so clear, and I kept telling myself not to black out. This will be the only time in my life this happens- I wanted to remember every single moment. He was so nervous that he didn't say anything. He finally said some sweet words while we were hugging, and then ".... is that a yes?!". Haha, apparently I forgot to speak, too!! Obviously YES!

Then, naturally, knowing me, I asked him every single question about when he got it (in May), where did he hide it (in his cowboy boot), did he ask my parents (yes), etc, and we FaceTimed my family. There was no photographer there and I'm so glad because I don't think I would've wanted to have to take photos in that moment. It's definitely made me reconsider how I will approach photographing proposals in the future.

I'm so excited to be Paul's wifey!!!!

I've always said I think I'd have a long engagement, but it's so crazy how the day after you get engaged it's like OK WHAT SHOULD WE SERVE AT OUR WEDDING?! I'm just so excited and I want to dream up our wedding day pronto. I need to take a chill pill.

I plan to continue to blog about our wedding/elopement planning process so make sure to keep up with the category "my wedding" to see all blog posts!!



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