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Hammond Castle Museum Elopement | Amanda & Brendan

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Rainy Fall Hammond Castle Museum Elopement

Table of Contents:

courtyard of hammond castle where the wedding ceremony is. photo taken from across the courtyard up on the balcony looking down

Elopement Planning

"My fiancé and I had an elopement planned in Hawaii for May 9th 2020.. we planned that trip for 2 years and if was canceled because of the pandemic. Brendan and I met when we were 17 and have been together for 13 years. We don’t want to keep postponing our Elopement. October 28th is our anniversary and we would like to keep the date[...]". That's what Amanda wrote in her inquiry message to me on my contact form.

Initially Amanda was excited to elope on the beach in Hawaii, but with the change of plans expressed that they'd like to go somewhere adventurous with a beautiful view of the mountains in New Hampshire. But once we dug more into planning, she found the Hammond Castle Museum and never looked back!! It's awesome to see the versatility in elopement options and what they ultimately decided on. With every elopement I provide couples with a questionnaire to help them dig into their interests and their true desires for the day. Sometimes the result is something completely unexpected! Once their venue was chosen, the rest of the planning was a breeze. They wanted to elope just the two of them, with a mutual friend officiating.

bride and groom sitting on velvet couch in library

The Hammond Castle Museum

The Hammond Castle Museum is in Gloucester and is a gorgeous Castle right on the rocky Atlantic coast. It was constructed as a home and laboratory to Mr. Hammond in the 1920s who actually invented the remote control, among other things. It's now a museum to showcase medieval architecture and artifacts.

There are tons of unique rooms available, of which we used the Courtyard for the ceremony then the Great Hall and Library for photos. Then of course outdoors we used the drawbridge in front of the castle as well as the gorgeous archways both overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as well as the other gorgeous architecture throughout the property.

A+ B Elopement Day

Amanda and Brendan are some of the most down to Earth, chill people I have ever met. Not only were their original dream plans derailed, but it rained on their elopement day. Fortunately, we planned to have their elopement inside in the courtyard from the get-go. Afterwards I learned that when the planner at the Hammond Castle asked Amanda if they'd want to do the ceremony outside, Amanda said "Nah, it'll probably rain. We'll do it inside". WHELP. Good thing she was prepared hah. After their short and sweet ceremony we took some photos around the historic interior of the castle before deciding to go outside and embrace the weather. It was rainy, it was cold, and it was SO FUN. Her dress and Brendan's jacket were absolutely soaked but their smiles warmed up the day (wow - that was cheesy AF). The cloud cover and rain really brought out the fall colors and made for a one of a kind elopement day. Their friend and officiant, Mike, stayed with us throughout the photos and held an umbrella over me to keep me dry. I wish I had some behind the scenes photos of the day because it looked like he was my body guard since he was suited up hahaha. It definitely helped A + B to have real smiles while looking at me!! I absolutely adore these two and cannot wait to hang out with them again!!

bride and groom sitting in front of large fire place with lit candles

Amanda's Review:

"When I reached out to Tammy we had no plan. We knew we wanted to get married with only 2 months notice. Our original elopement was canceled because of the pandemic and I felt defeated. Tammy was so nice and helpful throughout the entire process. She sent me a ton of information to help us think about what kind of day we wanted to have for our elopement. She had a ton of recommendations for locations too. She also really took the time to get to know us and help us figure out what details we wanted to capture. We were so lucky to find such an amazing, talented and down to earth photographer. Our elopement was just us and our officiant so it was important to find a photographer that fit. I am so happy we found Tammy, we spent the day laughing and having fun in the rain. She really made the day memorable and fun. You will not regret choosing her to be apart of your big day no matter how many guest you have. The photos she captured for us are more than I imagined, we have gotten so many compliments on them. I can not wait to hire Tammy again in the future". - Amanda's Review on Google

Vendor Team

bride posing in front of stairs in the great hall. through the doors behind her is where the courtyard is
Amanda in The Great Hall

bridal bouquet from Audrey's Flower Shop
Bridal bouquet by Audrey's Flower Shop in Gloucester

Amanda, on when she knew she loved Brendan:

"The day I knew I really loved him was the day he surprised me at one of my volleyball games. I never had anyone at my games to support me. When I saw him in the stands I started crying during the game lol. [...] Brendan also wasn’t scared away by my crazy family. Brendan has always had a “I don’t care what others think” attitude and I love that about him."

Brendan, on what he loves most about Amanda:

"She lights the room up with her smile."

moody black and white photo of a groom looking out the window

personalized cuff links with photos of dogs
Their dogs are on his cufflinks!!
wedding rings on a ring box with mickey mouse cut out
Amanda loves Disney so this ring box is perfect!

the courtyard at hammond castle museum

first look at elopement in courtyard of hammond castle museum
Their first look!

first look at elopement

courtyard of hammond castle where the wedding ceremony

during elopement ceremony everyone looks at the camera and laughs

bride examines groom's wedding ring before ring exchange

close up photo of bride holding groom's hand after ring exchange, groom wearing wedding ring

first kiss at elopement in courtyard of hammond castle museum

wedding photos in library of hammond castle museum

moody newlywed photos

silhouette photo of bride and groom in a Juliette window

groom twirls bride on drawbridge out front of Hammond Castle Museum

bride and groom stand on arches at hammond castle museum

bride and groom stand in archway kissing at hammond castle

bride and groom standing in archway at hammond castle looking out at the atlantic ocean

bride twirls in her wedding dress. fall foliage and castle architecture in background

bride and groom looking at each other laughing

bride and groom smiling at each other with their faces close. you can tell it's raining because the bride's hair is soaked and there are rain drops beading on groom's coat

bride and groom laughing walking towards the camera. groom has arm around bride's shoulders

black and white photo of groom and bride almost kissing. you can tell it's raining

Are you interested in eloping? Not sure where to start, or have it all figured out and just need a photographer? I'm here to help in whatever capacity you need! Contact me today!

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