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Cedar Lane Way Proposal in Beacon Hill

Tyler and Jill took the train in from New York for a long weekend in Boston to see family, spend time with friends, oh... and get engaged!! They used to live near Boston so when it came time for Tyler to decide where he wanted to propose, he figured in the heart of one of their favorite cities was the perfect place.

proposal and engagement photos on cedar lane way in becaon hill boston

Tyler wanted to surprise Jill at the perfect spot. We talked about him potentially proposing at the MIT Sailing Pavilion on the Cambridge side of the Charles River, then changed it to Piers Park in East Boston, but after he talked with her friends he ultimately decided on Beacon Hill.

He wanted the moment he got down on his knee and asked her to marry him to be really private. It can be tough to find a private spot in Beacon Hill that is also pretty since it's such a popular, walkable area. We landed on Cedar Lane Way which is the cutest alleyway. It's a residential area with window boxes and ivy covered brick.

What made their day extra unique is that it was pouring rain. It was unfortunate for Jill's hair, but I'm a big advocate of accepting whatever mother nature throws at you! We probably all imagine a picturesque sunny day for big moments, but rain adds a whole new layer of memories to the story and the photos are more unique! Plus, it made it even that much more private haha.

proposal and engagement photos on cedar lane way in becaon hill boston

After proposing on Cedar Lane Way and we went over to nearby Acorn Street to take a few engagement photos. Another huge perk of it raining : the ever-popular Acorn Street was completely empty!

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By that time it was raining pretty hard and we wanted to get out of the rain so two nearby establishments so graciously allowed us to take some photos; the Sloane Merrill Gallery and Blank Street Coffee.

blank street coffee beacon hill boston engagement session

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