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Boston Waterfront Pier Proposal

couple in front of boston skyline with girl's hand on back of guys head so you can clearly see the new engagement ring

Boston Waterfront Proposal:

The pier next to the Terrace Lookout on the Harborwalk may officially be one of my favorite spots to photograph a proposal or engagement session in Boston's Seaport District! I love, love how it gives an unobstructed view of downtown Boston's skyline, with just water behind you, rather than the hoards of people that normally dominate Fan Pier Park.

When Michael told me he wanted to propose at the Harborwalk, I offered up a few suggestions for where might be best to get a great view, but also avoid the crowd. He chose the pier and I did an internal happy dance. Although it's a pretty spot, it is a little more conspicuous of a location to bring a partner for a surprise proposal. Lindsey admitted she was wondering why he was leading her down an assortment of boat ramps to get to this random pier on Boston's Waterfront when they could see the same view from the main path.

A little backstory on this newly engaged pair:

They'd been dating for two years before Michael proposed. He told me he knew she was the one the moment he met her. They had matched on hinge shortly before Thanksgiving and for the holiday Michael went back to Buffalo to visit his family. When he flew back to Boston, Lindsey volunteered to pick him up for the airport. That was the very first time they met face to face!!

He's had the ring for about a year, from before they were even living together!

Proposal Story:

Michael used an interview as an excuse to get Lindsey to Seaport on this Saturday morning. He said that his company was going to be giving him clearance for a new position, but it required he and his partner get interviewed and cleared, and that they'd be having brunch at Davio's afterwards. Once they were in the area he said that the interviewer was running late, so wanted to kill time by looking at the view - on the pier.

When they were in position, and Michael turned to Lindsay, and dropped down on his knee, the first things she said was "no....... no..... is this real? this isn't real!" then of course followed that up with effusive "yes!"s. Then, that was shortly followed by "wait... so we aren't going to be getting brunch?!" LOL. Oftentimes partners bring their significant other to Seaport under the guise that there will be food involved, and when they realize we have an hour photoshoot, the ole tummy starts grumbling! So I recommend bringing a snack :). Michael upgraded his package to include not only proposal photography, but champagne, flowers, and same day edits . Maybe I should include a snack in that as well!

Michael proposed at the Boston Waterfront 10:30 am, so the sun was shining directly onto them (was behind me, taking the photos). I was slightly worried about harsh light, but then the Canadian wildfires were like hey hold my beer, I'll make sure we get a little haze and smoky skies for you there dear. Obv the smoke isn't good for our lungs, but dang I like what it did for these photos!

I absolutely LOVED hanging out with Michael and Lindsey and seeing how much these two made each other laugh. Their sense of humor is unmatched and I'm so excited for them to start this next chapter of their lives together!

picnic basket with champagne and flowers with boston skyline behind it
man about to propose in boston

You'd never know a big ole yacht was docked on the Boston Watefront to the right of this photo!

proposal with guy down on his knee on a pier on boston's waterfront

black and white reaction photo

girl looking at new engagement ring

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engagement session on boston waterfront pier in seaport

After the Boston Waterfront docks we walked down the harborwalk to the Courthouse Docks so we were still on the water, just closer to the skyline view.

couple sitting on courthouse docks in boston seaport with skyline behind them
boston harborwalk engagement session
boston harborwalk engagement session at fan pier park

*swoon!* is there anything better than a proposal along Boston's Waterfront?

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couple doing a dip kiss pose in middle of street in boston

Interested in proposing in Boston, or somewhere else in New England? Contact me and let's create a plan!



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